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Despite such arguments, though, no one can doubt that the fields associated with the zero-point energy produce physical consequences which are measurable in the laboratory. One example is the Lamb shift of the spectral lines of an atom. Another measurable consequence of the fields associated with the zero-point energy is the Casimir effect.

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This is an attractive force that appears between two metal plates that are closely spaced. The Casimir force is due to so-called radiation pressure from the zero-point energy of the background electromagnetic field.

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In effect, some wavelengths of the field are excluded from between the plates, so reducing the energy density compared with that of empty space. The imbalance results in the plates being pushed together.

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When Puthoff considers the origin ofthe zero-point energy, he comes to theconclusion that it can have one of twoexplanations. The first explanation, which he discards, is that the zero-point energy was fixed arbitrarily at the birth of theUniverse, as part of its so-called boundaryconditions. Puthoff has calculated the properties of radiation from charged particles produced by quantum fluctuations throughout the Universe.

All charged particles undergoing acceleration emit electromagnetic radiation.

Such radiation drops off as the inverse square of the distance from the source. But, because the average volume distribution of such particles in spherical shells about any given point source is proportional to the area of the shell — that is, the square of the distance — the sum of contributions from the surrounding shells will yield a radiation field with a high energy density. Puthoff believes that the field associated with the zero-point energy is such a field.

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One possibility is that the zero-point fields drive the motion of all particles of matter in the Universe, and that, in turn, the sum of the particle motions throughout the Universe generates the zero-point fields. His calculations assumed so-called inflationary cosmology, a currently popular theory of the origin of the Universe.


He is able to predict the correct distribution of frequencies and the correct order of magnitude of the zero-point energy. By clicking "OK" without changing your settings you are giving your consent to receive cookies. Zero-Point Clamping System Quick-Point As an interface between the machine table and clamping device, Quick-Point is offered in a particularly wide range of variations. Round, rectangular or square in shape, for single or multiple clamping, two different stud sizes and spacings 52 mm and 96 mm , Quick-Point provides a solution for every application.

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It can be used universally in vertical and horizontal machining centers, on 3- and 5-axis tables and 4th axis rotary or trunnion systems. The attachment of the zero-point plate to the machine table or faceplate is done easily through prefabricated hole patterns for common t-slot distances, bore patterns and bolt circles or individual, customized mounting options. Reduction of Setup Time High-precision exchange of clamping devices, fixtures and workpieces within seconds Modularity Enormous variety of combinable zero-point plates, expandable at any time Simplicity Mechanical clamping via a tightening screw or quick release Learn more about Quick-Point zero-point clamping and contact us today for your free catalog!

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