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Enter Here. State of Grace. Find out more about us at www. She wrote a beautiful piece for this podcast and then called us with a special request-- that we keep her identity anonymous. What do you do when you have a toxic relationship with your mom? When the mother you want, is not the mother you have? When you are looking for courage or permission to put your well-being first, to live in your truth?

What do you do when you don't want to hurt your mom, but continuing the relationship you two have set up is making you miserable? What lesson will you teach your kids if you disconnect? Or on the flip side, what will you teach them if you don't?

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Life lessons are all around us. Every nugget of wisdom that can save us time along our journey of self awareness, in our effort to evolve into a higher self, is of value. And this episode is chocked full of those nuggets.

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If it's not 1 Thing , explores the topic of 'mother' from every angle imaginable and some you have not thought of. We have excerpts from best selling novels, memoirs, poetry award winners and songwriters, to stay at home moms, insurance brokers, teachers, actors, college students and beyond.

We talk about how his mother would like a party when she dies which got him thinking of the playlist and how the songs that remind him of his mother and also track his memories with her throughout his childhood. Our conversation went from his rebellious teens and how he thought his parents showed great restraint for not throwing him in the basement and only feeding him scraps to the time when we all come to the realization that all the adults in our life are just winging it.

He also talks about his book King of Fu. He describes it as a magical realism, memoir, poem. Where the adults are described as supervisors and only distinguished by their job description. Until he is in trouble and needs a protector. At this point his mom turns from Homeopathic Doctor to a magical being, Mother. Mom vanquishes bullies and helps him when he is in trouble, but when the trouble passes and he no longer needs her, she becomes Homeopathic Doctor again. This episode is filled with whimsy and coming of age realizations.

I Love You.

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If you like this episode help us out by sharing it with friends, rate and leave us a review. Tresha Faye Haefner is a writer, editor, workshop-facilitator, and founder of The Poetry Salon, Los Angeles where she uses her rich knowledge to guide other writers into accessing their authentic, creative voice. Degree in Humanistic Psychology, with a specialization in creativity studies, from Saybrook University. She continues to read widely, attend regular readings and workshops, and learn from every poet she meets. Currently Tresha lives in Los Angeles, where she is founder of The Poetry Salon, a thriving artistic community that all levels of expertise, who can choose between one-day writing workshops, online e-classes and in-depth advanced core classes.

Participants showcase their work four times a year at cumulative class readings, and those women and men have gone on to publish award-winning, cutting-edge work and even teach creative writing classes of their very own. All of her offerings are on her website www. There's also our just-released e-course How to Think Like a Poet. After her mother died when she was just a baby, her grandmother, Yiayia, stepped in to fill the void. Katie Manglis grew up in Cyprus in the s and 80s and dreamed of becoming a paleontologist and discovering new dinosaurs.

Instead, she ended up working in marketing, consulting and Wall Street and has been living in New York City for the past 26 years. It's Pride Month and we had to re release this episode! A father discovering the mother within.

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  6. Dan Bucatinsky is an actor, writer, producer and author. We know you will enjoy Dan as much as we did. Listen as he reads from chapter 1 - Wake Up and Smell The Fingers, and then our conversation about parenting and facing all the uncertainties we all face. If it's not 1 Thing, explores the topic of 'mother' from every angle imaginable and some you haven't thought of. Some are famous.

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    But every one of them have incredible tales to tell. Find more about us at Insta ifitsnot1thingitsyourmother and facebook. Rich Valenza is our guest today. RaiseAChild recruits, educates, and nurtures supportive relationships equally with all prospective foster and adoptive parents while partnering with agencies to improve the process of advancing the nations , foster children to safe, loving and permanent homes.

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    In its six-year history, RaiseAChild has engaged more than 8, prospective parents across the country. We learn so much from our children. In this episode, Gina Piccalo reads from her not yet published memoir. In this touching story, Gina talks about the gift of seeing her story through her daughter's eyes, and the healing that has since taken place with her relationship with her own mother. In , she completed her memoir, "The Mother Ache. Being a mother is an attitude, not Biology. By Super User Education.

    If Your Mom Ever Says These 10 Things, She Might Be Toxic

    I personally like potted flowers as they last much longer. Make her a home cooked meal, learn to cook her favorite dishes experiment a few days before the big day. A picture frame with a picture of you and your mom when you were a child and one of you both as adults.

    Get her a yearly subscription to her favourite magazine — something she can look forward to every month. Make her a collection of her favourite family recipes, or have the ones that have been passed down from generations bound together with photos and family stories from the past.

    Buy your mom a charm bracelet and get her a new charm every year about a meaningful memory you two shared. Take a class together of something she always wanted to do like sewing, painting, cooking, etc.