The Salvation Controversy

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There must be a belief in the heart that Christ has died to take away one's sins, and trust in Him will grant one eternal life.

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What is the position of Lordship Salvation advocates? What is required for a sinner to be saved and to know that they are saved? Simple faith in Christ is not enough. MacArthur states, "Although I reluctantly used the term 'Lordship Salvation' throughout the book, it was a concession to popular usage. I reject the connotation intended by those who coined the phrase: that a submissive heart is extraneous or supplementary to saving faith, and therefore any call for sinners to surrender to Jesus' Lordship adds to the Biblical terms of salvation.

MacArthur has reluctantly been cast into the position of spokesman for the Lordship Salvation position, and he has unfortunately been occasionally misrepresented in the major point he is trying to present - that, as James said, "Faith without works is dead. MacArthur says, "[Zane] Hodges is unmistakably arguing for a concept of faith as bare mental assent, seeking support for this concept form the Reformers. The major argument from the Lordship Salvation camp is that a person must put their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and then they must express their salvation by adhering to the Lordship of Christ in all matters.

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If a person does not "show" an evidential change of character, and does not put Christ first in their life, then they probably are not saved nor can they really know if they are saved. One must rightfully question their own salvation if they are not submitting to the Lordship of Christ.

Indeed, one can even think themselves a Christian, but this is illusory. The belief that one can falsely think oneself saved does damage to the witness of the Holy Spirit, which indwells believers. We will examine that point further later on. In the Lordship Salvation position, one must constantly test oneself to see if they are truly in the faith. According to Bock, "MacArthur's charge is that a Gospel that emphasizes only belief without dealing with sin or that separates the presentation of Jesus as Savior from Jesus as Lord is cheap grace.

It produces many false believers and introduces severe moral malaise into the body of Christ, while falsely offering assurance to many not really saved. When I first heard that some were teaching that one could be saved without Jesus being Lord, I immediately wondered what they would do with this passage. Surely we are not saved by confessing something that is not true and by agreeing to a relationship Jesus as Lord that in actuality, we want no part of. It appears that advocates for Lordship Salvation make at least two major errors: they believe that Free Grace proponents are arguing that all one needs to do is make "mental assent" to the Gospel message or simply pay a "lip service" statement of faith and one can be saved.

Also there appears to be a misunderstanding of the meaning of faith, as well as confusion of the terms salvation and sanctification. What is the true position of Free Grace salvation? Is it essentially an "everyday variety of faith," as MacArthur charges? The Case for Faith Alone. Do Free Grace advocates teach an empty, lip service type of faith, and teach that this is enough to acquire salvation from Christ?

Must the sinner also claim Christ as Lord at the moment of salvation? Proponents of the Faith Alone position believe that any addition to the Gospel message of "believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved" is an assault on the Biblical message of salvation by grace alone. All believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are responsible to be His representatives. We are ambassadors of Christ who are to give testimony to the person and work of the Savior. When it comes in the message, there is only one message or Gospel that we may proclaim and remain faithful to the Bible.

Unfortunately, confusion abounds with respect to the content and presentation of the good news of God's grace in the person and work of Christ. According to Blauvelt, "An unbeliever, to avail himself of the salvation offered in Christ, must only accept Him as his own personal Savior, believing that His death for sin on the cross was final and sufficient forever.

Salvation: Confusion, Controversy, & Misconceptions 3 CD Set

Mere verbal assent or mental acquiescence to the fact of Christ's death, without any conviction of personal sin, is inadequate. Is simple faith "dead faith"? Not according to the Wycliffe Bible Dictionary , which says, "A proper definition of faith must take into consideration its complexity, for while the exercise of it may be said to be simplicity itself, it involves the whole personality.

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But it is not the amount of faith that saves, it is the object of faith that saves. Great faith in the wrong object does not alter man's lost estate one iota. Little faith so long as it is faith in the right object [Christ] must result in salvation. Proponents of Lordship Salvation seem to interpret only certain Scripture passages related to Lordship and disregard other ones referring to faith as small "as a mustard seed. And without some such evidence, in greater or lesser degree a question must be raised as to the genuineness of the faith of the individual.

It appears that often the Lordship Salvation camp and the Free Grace advocates are seeming to say different things, but the meaning is the same. If there were less vitriolic accusations and charges of heretical teachings, both sides might come to see that they are closer in their soteriology than they might think.

Submitting to the Lordship of Christ is a part of sanctification, of growing discipleship, and cannot be a prerequisite for salvation. Salvation is an instantaneous act of God, a gift given to the sinner who accepts it.

One needs only to realize he is lost and in need of saving in order to reach out for the Savior's hand. A person drowning in a storm at sea needs only to reach out in faith for that reaching arm of salvation in the rescue boat.

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He does not need to make the savior the one reaching out to save him the lord of all his affections. Neither does he need to know all that is required to be a follower of the sea rescuer, in order to be rescued. Salvation is based on faith alone. Faith plus anything else is an incorrect and dangerous teaching.

How do Catholics interpret the Bible?

Paul corrected the believers in Galatia about the error of adding circumcision to faith. It is inconsistent to speak of a free gift which costs us something or gives us something to do to get salvation Romans ; A gift need only be accepted. It is not earned and does not demand a repayment.

To demand such would be paying a wage and requiring a service. After several meetings between Cappelman and representatives from The Salvation Army, protests by community members and a flurry of media attention, the two parties came to an agreement that allows the unit to continue providing services in Uptown. In addition to an intense schedule of weekly meetings, patients also have daily chores, recreation and attend individual sessions with counselors.

A painting created by a former patient is displayed in the intensive rehabilitation unit. The aim of the onsite transitional jobs program is to provide training to help secure employment. The unit provides meals, case management, and ministry to the homeless and needy throughout Chicago.

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Lordship salvation controversy

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