The Omniverse The Aeons War Part One Paradise Lost

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Bycroft rated it liked it Jan 04, Daniel rated it liked it Feb 05, Zachary C Zeagler rated it really liked it Jun 10, Andrew Brooks rated it really liked it Mar 16, Alan Loberstein rated it really liked it Jun 11, Trey rated it it was amazing Apr 16, Laura Slate rated it it was amazing Sep 07, Gerard rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Albert rated it really liked it May 19, Slavo rated it really liked it Oct 26, Raymond Jay rated it really liked it Dec 30, Dellfleming rated it liked it Jun 07, Drew rated it liked it Sep 30, William Knight rated it liked it Aug 16, Wichert rated it liked it May 31, There, they meet their counterpart the Recap Brain, who shows them numerous other universes in an attempt to get them back to their own.

These include one where the basic Invader Zim plot is medieval fantasy instead of science fiction, one where Zim is a superhero and Dib is his Evil Genius nemesis, one where Zim and Dib's lives are the plot of a musical play, one where everyone in the world is blatantly nice, a universe that takes the form of a "depressing indie film", and one where Zim and Dib are sentient beans. The focus of the arc is on one Bizarro Universe , with evil versions of the good characters and vice-versa.

The crisis occurs because Celestia falls in love with the alternate world's King Sombra, but their travels have weakened the bonds separating the realities, allowing the alternate world's Celestia to try and take over both. Likewise, the White Martians encountered in the Worldscape are noted by Carter to not be the same ones he fought in his past and they must have belonged to another version of Barsoom. Very early on, Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog parodied the DC multiverse with a literal "superhighway" connecting the various worlds. In a Bizarro Universe , Dr. Eggman is a kindly veterinarian, while Sonic and his cohorts are evil hooligans in biker outfits.

In another, Dr. Eggman was nearly defeated by the Freedom Fighters, but turned himself into a robot as a last resort and he's even more kill-crazy than the original. Every Sonic game and television show is in canon, except that most exist in multiple universes, or 'Zones'. Go figure. The "real" world is yet another universe, and features lawyer-friendly versions of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, hot on the trail of a giant blue talking hedgehog. That basically put a stop to the universe hopping in the entirety of the comics, and the concept died completely when the comics were cancelled in The comic books Those Annoying Post Bros and Savage Henry focus on Bugtown, a infinite-sized City of Adventure which connects to an infinite number of alternate worlds.

Zenith , a AD series, features this. Perhaps not surprisingly, its author Grant Morrison is one of the creators responsible for bringing back the DC multiverse. Pessimal has created several ongoing tales concerning the Discworld contacting various aspects of "Roundworld" see below. Ponder Stibbons, who is perhaps more of a research and theoretical physicist than a Wizard, finds himself among congenial like minds when he visits the Roundworld of The Big Bang Theory in The Many Worlds Interpretation.

His Assassin girlfriend also finds friends she can bond with in Penny, Bernadette and Amy. In future chapters, Sheldon Cooper and the gang get to visit the Discworld. Mayhem and misunderstanding ensue. In another fic, Doppelgangers , the loose ends concerning Rincewind's temporary visit to Earth as Professor van Rijnswand are dealt with. It is discovered that all Discworld people have identical body doubles on Earth.

This explains a lot. The Bloody Rose Series is a metaseries of different fanfiction series in a shared multiverse, starring the Japanese pop idol group AKB The Blooming Moon Chronicles , as its alternate name, The 99 Worlds Saga , suggests, features many different alternate worlds revolving around a single core world the world as depicted in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The further away a world is from the core, the greater the differences between that world and the TV show.

The travel method has become something of a Running Gag , with one of the main characters Balian being regularly advised to stay on land. Even that doesn't work. Mostly they tend to arrive in tree's, leading to Legolas remarking that whoever organises these jumps has a serious lack of imagination.

Used in Code Geass : Occulta Rising. Code: Pony Evolution uses this to explain how the worlds meet.

See a Problem?

Crossover Chaos takes this trope and runs with it, not only in terms of Canon Welding all the series featured as well as Real Life into one functioning universe, but also the fact that there are many alternate versions of the main universe, which the main universe characters have gone into, and met people from, countless times before. It's implied every piece of fiction ever does, did, and will exist pretty much exists in multiple forms within the series' multiverse, and the same goes for Real Life as well.

A Crown of Stars : Throughout the history Asuka and Shinji travel between dimensions several times and meet several of their other-worldly counterparts. King of Avalon Daniel rules a chunk of the multiverse. He has seen and visited many alternate realities. Your world was a darker story of what might have come next. Films — Animated. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse posits that there are an infinite amount of realities, six of which collide in the movie, with each bringing in their own Spider-Person.

Plus two more in The Stinger. As Baljeet-2 explains, the mulitversal flow of energy works like a clock — it's relatively easy to follow the energy flow clockwise, but going counterclockwise will require either an Other-Dimension-Inator or a truly absurd amount of energy, and there's an unknowable number of dimensions one must go through to return to their starting point. The musical number "Brand New Reality" sees the characters from the first dimension take the long way around to get back home.

Films — Live-Action. The sci-fi thriller Coherence explores the idea of Alternate Timelines crossing paths during a Temporal Paradox caused by a comet passing earth. The Big Bad in the movie Last Action Hero discovers since he can cross over to other movies and other worlds, he can bring back the worst of the worst villains.

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They'll have a formal party: Freddy Krueger and Jason can supply the meat, Hannibal Lecter can do the catering, etc. And it will all take place in what is apparently the "Real World", because here the bad guys can win! The basic premise of The One is that Gabriel Yulaw defected from a group known as the Multiverse Authority after killing one of his counterparts, which allows him to absorb their power and become more powerful. His new goal in life to destroy every single one of his counterparts and become a God, with the slight problem that, since the collective energy of his counterparts is divided among all of the survivors, his last counterpart is equally as powerful.

The setting of Parallels. Anathem by Neil Stephenson combines this with of all things Platonic Epistemology to very severely deconstruct many aspects of the multiverse. For example, atomic nuclei are subtly different between universes so any reaction between molecules from different universes is retarded i. Astral Dawn by Adam R. Brown tackles this in a somewhat different way, as the multiverse is referred to as the Nursery of Dimensions.

A race of extradimensional aliens called the Aash Ra are charged with safeguarding the Nursery. A single universe out of the multitude lies at the heart of the Astral Dawn saga. Because of its nature, it is called the anomalous dimension. Variation: Timothy Zahn 's Cascade Point stories feature a faster than light drive system which has the side effect of showing you alternate versions of yourself whenever you activate it, based on different possible outcomes of your life. At least one story features a Phlebotinum Breakdown that drops the ship into one of those universes.

It is a Multiverse, but it's not one where you can easily travel between worlds. Kate in Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs. After her brother dies, she starts traveling between new universes with only slight changes from her own. For example, in one she was a pushover. In another she was a Perky Goth. She would usually go to sleep and wake up in a new universe. Roger Zelazny 's The Chronicles of Amber has one reality, Amber, which casts an infinite number of Shadows, each one a full world with Earth among them.

The Princes of Amber can travel at will to these worlds by using Tarot cards as portals, or by walking the shadows and altering them until they stand in the world they desire. The Coming of the Quantum Cats , while generally forgettable , has some fun with this trope. The great scientist Dominic Desota invents a machine for travelling between universes, but in one universe it's stolen by General Desota , who aims to become a Multiversal Conqueror. Opposing him are the heroes, Senator Desota and Nicky Desota. The alternate universes were originally empty until mankind in the form of the evil Failway Company discovered them and, basically, turned them into vice dens.

Stephen King's The Dark Tower series and the numerous books that feed into it or got sucked into it is based on the notion that all of the weird alternate realities visited by the Gunslinger, plus all of the alternate continuities of King's earlier books are part of a Multiverse that are all connected by the eponymous tower. All these worlds are apparently subservient to the world in which the fictionalized version of King lives, and the characters discover that they are all in fact being channeled by King the novelist, a la Stranger Than Fiction.

Aeon's End: War Eternal - Umbra Titan - Part #1

Diana Wynne Jones 's series, stand-alones and short stories often feature Multiverses or at least two different alternate realities. Time City is not technically another world per se, but it runs along the much of the same ideas. The Discworld novels often allude to a multiverse. Since all libraries, everywhere, in every space, universe and time are connected, you can reach this L-space in the Library of Unseen University. If the Librarian lets you in, of course. Our Earth plays a greater role in the Science of Discworld series, where the wizards know it as "Roundworld".

Moreover, the existence of alternate worlds i. Granny Weatherwax starts picking up random memories from these alternate worlds in Lords and Ladies , and Sam Vimes accidentally swaps P. Also in Lords and Ladies Ponder Stibbons a wizard version of a physicist tries to explain the "many worlds'' principle to the Archchancellor chief Wizard.

Of course this goes badly as the Archchancellor is mainly concerned about why his trousers have anything to do with it, and why his parallel self never sent him a wedding invite The practical upshot of this is that the difference in physical law can be harnessed to create free, unlimited power. It's eventually discovered that continued use of this power source will result in the Solar System collapsing into a quasar. Worse yet, the aliens from the other dimension who created this transdimensional transportation technology are fully aware of this, and are taking advantage of our desire for free energy to prolong the life of their own star.

His Dark Materials features many an Alternate Universe , with a few powerful items allowing one to travel between them. There may be no limit to the number of separate worlds and universes. In The Invisible Library , Irene is a Librarian for the Library, a mysterious Magical Library that collects rare books from every different version of reality referred to as "alternates". The core premise of the Lafayette O'Leary series. In The World Shuffler , he is transported to another world, Melange, which is a close parallel to Artesia, and even has alternate versions of several of the people he knows from Artesia, including his wife.

From a collaboration of Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter , the titular Long Earth is a series of alternate earths, each different, though the amount and type of difference between one and the next varies. Because of peculiarities of evolution, only one earth spawned humans and the vast majority never developed intelligent hominids of any kind, leaving the whole set in the care of one earth's-worth of humans, and their alternate-universe cousins, named after common fairy-tale creatures like elves and trolls.

There are two unique wrinkles in the alternate-earth system presented in this series: Firstly, the earths are linked in a chain, and you can only "step" from one earth to one of the two adjacent ones; even stepping at high speed, it takes quite a while to get from one earth to a radically different one, although there are short-cuts that make long-distance "travel" more feasible. The chain might be infinite, or might be a closed loop. Secondly, each planet has its own chain of alternates; if you go to Mars, as occurs in the third book, none of the alternate Marses you can step to will correlate with any alternate earths in the chain you came from.

The trope's name comes from Michael Moorcock 's books. His many books range a vast array of worlds yet a sizable proportion of them are connected via Canon Welding. Robert A. Heinlein used this name in The Number of the Beast see below as well. As explained, any random slice of the Mish-Mash, at any angle, is seen by the inhabitants a functional 4-dimensional universe. This means that parallel universes a aren't parallel, and b aren't universes.

The Chronicles of Narnia mainly feature travel to and from Narnia, but in The Magician's Nephew it's explained that our world and Narnia are only two of a Multiverse of worlds. We only ever see three, though. Five, if you count the Wood Between the Worlds, and Heaven, although this it is portrayed as being as clearly and obviously different from the rest as a cube is from a square. The entire point of the Paratime series by H.

Beam Piper was that the main character's culture had exhausted its resources and was sponging off the entire Multiverse. Perry Rhodan is explicitly set in a multiverse, but deliberate travel between different universes isn't easy or necessarily safe. Problems involve the at Galactic tech levels largely unsolved issue of trans-universal navigation and the problem of adapting to the new physical laws of the destination, which has resulted in "strangeness shock" rendering entire starship crews comatose for months on arrival in the past.

The focus of the action thus remains on the default 'main' universe, though interaction with others including one in which time runs much more slowly, one that consists entirely of antimatter, and one that was and presumably still is heading for an artificially accelerated 'big crunch' has occurred in the past. The Quantum Enchantment trilogy and its sequel by Kim Falconer uses the 'many-worlds' concept as a plot device.

Working from memory, there is a dystopian Earth a few hundred years in the future, and a completely separate world where magic and the like are common place. Throughout the series, the characters manage to get themselves lost in the 'corridors' between the worlds, often returning to what would be their home but for some sort of twist — a battle was won instead of lost, time flows in a different direction, person X never existed. It gets somewhat confusing after a while.

The Riftwar Cycle , by Raymond E. Feist involved several universes with magical travel between them. It's always dangerous though, because opening a hole in your universe may attract the attention of beings who were barely defeated once by gods Heinlein has written about Multiverses more than once. The novel Glory Road has magical inter-universe travel, and several of his later novels starting with The Number of the Beast involve the Burroughs drive, an invention that lets you travel to other universes; but because of how the Multiverse works, those nearby universes will be the favorite fictions of the users of the drive.

So you can leave Earth and the next universe over will turn out to be Oz As a side effect, Heinlein managed to tie together practically everything he ever wrote into a single setting. Sergey Lukyanenko 's Rough Draft - Final Draft duology is set in a multiverse where travel between universes is accomplished using the seemingly magical Towers which in reality were created through highly advanced technology developed by the natives of a universe that suffered a devastating nuclear war.

It's initially assumed that there are about a dozen worlds, but it's later revealed that the number is much higher, possible infinite. Vasili Golovachov 's The Saviors of the Fan duology made up of The Envoy and The Deliverer has a myriad parallel worlds some of which are similar to ours, while others vary wildly. And that's just those organized into a linked structure called the Worldfan, of which our world is a part, with the implication that there are countless other worlds.

There is a world where the mere act of moving alters the surrounding reality making finding your way back extremely difficult , or a world made up of a gigantic tree. The setting of A Tale of the Unwithering Realm. Each version of Earth called an "Aeon" in the Multiverse is an Earth where some Christian miracle never happened, which turns out to have major consequences, as each Earth is inhabited by various beings from mythology.

The world of Cainem is one where humans were never exiled from Eden, and thus all are immortal and not enjoying it at all ; Thalassa is a world where Noah's flood never ended, and so it's inhabited by mermaids; Sidon is where David failed to kill Goliath, who begat a race of giants, and so on.

The main villains, the empire of the Dark Tower , come from Ur, where the construction of the Tower of Babel was succesfully completed. The world of The Traitor Son Cycle is eventually revealed to be only one of multitude of "spheres", each sphere being its own universe. Various Wild creaures - as well as, apparently, humans - have arrived in it from other worlds, and the Powers That Be are fighting over this sphere because it contains gates that lead to seven others. Sharon Farber's "Trans Dimensional Imports" Contact between universes is difficult because the necessary equipment has to be operating in both at the same time, but one scientist has succeeded in contacting her alternate self.

They've build a minor business, trading literary works that exist in one world but not the other. With expanded bandwidth, they're considering other art forms. In the other, he had starred in a B-movie called Casablanca. So they agree to a swap — "You get a classic; we get a joke. The less likely they are, the more faded they look. A channeler can be transported to one of these by using a Portal Stone and the One Power. Andrey Livadny has decided to link his Long-Running Book Series The History of the Galaxy with several other works in order to create a new setting called The History of Worlds , which features five distinct parallel realities that make contact with one another.

Each of those worlds has humanity go through radically different histories and, possibly, meet different alien races apparently, humans are the only race that exists in all five realities. In one world The History of the Galaxy universe , humanity has spread out into the galaxy, settling hundreds of worlds and encountering half a dozen alien races. In another world Another Mind universe , humanity is still at the level of development of the early 21st century, when it comes under alien attack. In the Life Form universe, humans are busy settling the Solar System, planning to explore the galaxy using STL ships, when alien artifacts are discovered on some of the planets.

List of superhero television series

In the Contact universe, humanity is exploring the stars using hyperspace with Earth becoming a City Planet and AIs everywhere. Then an archaeological dig on Ganymede finds evidence of multiple alien races. Finally, in the Omni universe, Earth is a radioactive wasteland following a mutually-destructive war between humans and Insectoid Aliens , whose homeworld was destroyed in retaliation for them nuking Earth.

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  • The Omniverse The Aeons War Part Two Retaking the Future by Steve Karmazenuk.
  • The remains of both races struggle to survive, while another race schemes to end them. Worlds of Shadow : The story reveals alternate universes exist, and are nearly infinite in number. However only two others are actually shown: one is a sci fi style universe with an interstellar empire, the other a fantasy world.

    It's explained the universes you can visit must have features in common. Live-Action TV. Penny : What's a Multiverse? Dick : You may see people you know too. But FYI they may have made different life choices. Harry : I see, in this universe Officer Don could be an old Vietnamese woman. Sally : No Harry, they have the same bodies. Dick is saying they'll all probably be gay. This would include Asgard where the gods live and Midgard Earth , but unfortunately we haven't found a definitive list of them, and piecing it together from what we do know has proven tricky are Niflheim and Helheim the same place?

    What about Nidavellir and Svartalfheim? And what's up with Andlang and Vethrfolnir? In the first episode radio series Undone , Edna Turner discovers that she is able move between London, and its parallel city Undone, where weirdness leaks from. Slowly, she finds she is able to cross to over to other versions of London - such as Donlon, Londinium, Londres, and Lahndan said in an over-pronounced cockney accent. Her job becomes to maintain the balance between the worlds, discovers her sister, and finds that they seem to be the only people who do not have parallel versions.

    Tabletop Games. The GURPS supplement Infinite Worlds provides a setting and mechanisms for not only setting up a Multiverse incorporating all other GURPS books as a background against which to play, but also providing an interdimensional cold war as a driving force behind a potential campaign. The trading card game Magic: The Gathering is set in a multiverse, with each expansion set representing a new universe well, mostly.

    The game also implies that the players represent Planeswalkers, mages able to travel from one universe to the next essentially at will. The cards played represent magic and land discovered while exploring a given universe. The casual variant Planechase literally represents the planeswalking with plane cards that affect gameplay and get cycled in and out as players shift to new worlds. This multiverse is made up of many different parallel dimensions and alternate realities The Prime Material Plane: Also alternatively known as either the Prime or the Material Plane, this is the "normal" reality, the mundane level of existence where all of the various setting worlds take place, the physical universe.

    The setting Spelljammer would further expand upon the nature of the Material Plane, declaring it a kind of Science Fantasy reality in which inhabited solar systems occupy "crystal spheres", which are bubbles of reality floating in an infinite ocean-like plane known as "Wildspace" or "The Phlogiston"; by breaching a crystal sphere and sailing through Wildspace, beings can move from the solar systems of the various settings. The Ethereal Plane: The realm of ghosts and spirits, a misty mirror of the material plane.

    The Plane of Shadow: Basically a dark and spooky mirror of the material plane, where light and dark have been inverted. The Elemental Planes: An array of planes that are the metaphysical source of all elements in the multiverse.

    The Outer Planes: Seventeen different planes that embody different points on the 9-grid Character Alignment axis. The Morally Good planes are an assortment of heavenly realms known collectively as the Upper Planes. The Morally Neutral planes are called, simply, the Middle Planes. And the Morally Evil planes are an assortment of different hell-dimensions collectively known as the Lower Planes. Each individual plane takes its own particular spin on its general categorization; the plane of Arborea Chaotic Good is a realm of benevolent anarchy, whilst its neighbor the plane of Ysgard which sits on the border of Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral is a Valhalla-esque realm of glorious combat and self-satisfying struggle.

    Planescape is unique amongst its peers in that it is a "cosmic fantasy" game; the focus is on exploring the Elemental, Astral and Outer Planes of the Great Wheel, instead of living on the Material Plane. However, it's revealed to Dungeon Masters that this is actually a result of Athasian ignorance of the wider multiverse, and in fact they inhabit the Great Wheel — just with a garbled picture of the cosmology. Eberron inhabits its own unique cosmology, commonly nicknamed "The Orrery" due to its maps, made up of 13 planes though one has been "removed".

    Despite some debate amongst the fandom, officially, the Orrery is separate to the Great Wheel. In 4th edition, Wizards of the Coast replaced the Great Wheel with a new cosmology, smaller and more broad in its archetypes. This multiverse, known as the World Axis, is associated with the Nentir Vale , which was the core setting of 4th edition. The Feywild: Realm of Faeries, a primal and magical mirror of the World, home to the fey. The Shadowfell: Realm of the Dead, a dark and decaying mirror of the World, birthplace of the undead and first point of departure for the souls of the dead.

    The Astral Sea: Realm of the Gods and the afterlives of their chosen worshippers. Rifts is part of Palladium Books ' "Megaverse", which includes all of its other games naturally , plus a number of other realms with some of the games. The Rifts themselves are tears in the fabric of reality that have turned Earth into a sort of interdimensional hub which can connect to any and every other part of the Megaverse.

    Naturally part of the setting of Sentinels of the Multiverse. The final expansion of the game deals with the end of that multiverse according to Word of God , this is why the sequel game, Sentinels Tactics , doesn't include the word , and will see the heroes teaming up with alternate-universe versions of characters to stop an omnicidal Big Bad. Torg deals with the invasion of Earth by several different realities cleverly typified as various classic roleplaying genres , each of which is trying to change our local reality axioms to be like their own. Wizards of the Coast long ago published a set of generic supplements for handling deities in roleplaying games, called The Primal Order.

    One of the books in this series, Chessboards , covered in exquisite detail how to design and manage an entire multiverse complete with cosmology. Theme Parks. Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast appears to be set in one, with the different Nicktoon worlds being accessible via soundstage portal.

    He spends the majority of his screentime traversing various Alternate Universes, until finally making it to his intended destination. Other characters, such as Vezon and Mazeka, also explore Alternate Universes in a similar manner. Transformers has a whole pile of alternate universes which sometimes cross over, and which Hasbro and Takara disagree over which are actually separate and which simply occur to the side of other stories. The Transformers of the Axiom Nexus have grouped all continuities into a number of universal streams , with each stream corresponding to a continuity group.

    Some of these are negative-polarity universes in which Decepticons are good and Autobots are evil; these are assigned negative numbers. To make things really nuts, there are also characters known as multiversal singularities, of which only one exists in all reality. Some of these, such as Alpha Trion, exist in every universe simultaneously, while others, like Vector Prime and The Fallen, travel between universes.

    There are also sparks that resonate across the universe, giving rise to multiple similar but separate versions of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and various others. It should be noted that this is All There in the Manual. Fingers are still crossed around the fandom for a Turtles Forever sort of project someday, somehow. The Transformers Aligned Universe , which includes Transformers: Prime , Transformers: Rescue Bots , the War for Cybertron video game series and the novels retelling the narrative of the games, are was originally considered to be outside this multiverse.

    However, Hasbro has since reversed this with works like Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and The Complete AllSpark Almanac , and it's been revealed to be part of the larger Transformers multiverse, after all. An event called "the Shrouding" altered the nature of the Transformers multiverse, doing away with the concept of multiversal singularities and greatly strengthening the boundaries between dimensions.

    The Facebook incarnation of "Ask Vector Prime" notes that the Multiverse can occasionally interact with a larger Megaverse, and beyond that is the Omniverse, which consists of every reality imaginable, as well as some that aren't. Admittedly, it's a bit more complicated than that, but that's the basic gist. Video Games. Anachronox takes place in one universe but deals with the universe before this one and the universe after this one ; if there was a second game, we would have gone to the former. Plot: In the next universe, two forces — "Chaos" and "Order" — are pitted against one another for survival.

    Order managed to trapped Chaos in this universe. Chaos is trying to find a natural doorway into the previous universe where it seeks to destroy this universe and the next universe, and Order in the process. In BioShock Infinite , Elizabeth is able to open "tears" in the fabric of reality, which are open windows to parallel realities. One example is a s street in front of a cinema where Revenge of the Jedi is played. This goes Up to Eleven by the ending, where it's shown there is an infinite amount of different dimensions, each of them being linked by the fact of having a man Booker, Jack , a lighthouse and a city Rapture, Columbia.

    One of the Elizabeths in the ending is the beta model used in the early gameplay demos. This means that all of the Dummied Out content like Saltonstall and the incidents like saving the mailman from the Vox Populi could be a sort of quasi-canon, taking place in alternate versions of Columbia with alternate Bookers.

    Past a certain point in the game, it is quickly discovered that this is the case in Bravely Default. At the start of Chapter 5, the heroes initially think they're in a "Groundhog Day" Loop , but discount this theory as more and more discrepancies arise thanks to differences in each individual world. The Capcom heroes reside in Capcom World, possibly explaining how there can be so many cameos and crossovers from completely different settings. City of Heroes has Portal Corp.

    There are several individual missions and arcs where you get to deal with hostile other-dimensional entities, either after they've entered Paragon or at their source. The current state of the City of Adventure can be traced back to a massive invasion from Another Dimension.

    One such alternate dimension, Praetoria, is the focus of the latest expansion, Going Rogue , which fleshes out that dimension beyond Crapsack World Mirror Universe by adding moral complexity and considerably more shades of grey. Eternal Darkness : After beating the game under all 3 ancients you find out that the other ancients the ones that you beat in the previous two playthroughs were killed by the main character's counterparts in other, parallel universes. Mantorok then overlaps the three realities, killing all three ancients concurrently and leaving the universe free of them forever.

    Final Fantasy in general is strongly hinted to take place in a multiverse, with each game barring a couple exceptions like direct sequels that take place in the same world taking place in parallel universes. It hasn't been officially confirmed, but every Final Fantasy game has its own version of Cid, Biggs, Wedge, Chocobos, summons Ifrit, Leviathan, Bahamut, etc , and the worlds they take place in seem to be similar, and yet different at the same time. Though not officially stated, the Rift from Final Fantasy V seems to be a wall separating all the various universes of the Final Fantasy games.

    Only Gilgamesh has been shown to be able to get around it freely so far. At some point, he also manages to find his way into the conflict between the gods Cosmos and Chaos , and is overjoyed to find Bartz there, having been itching to get a rematch against him. Unfortunately, Bartz has only the faintest of memories of his home world in this continuity, making ol' Gilgamesh an Unknown Rival to him.

    Eorzea, the world of Final Fantasy XIV , seems to be a veritable hotspot for wanderers through the multiverse to wind up, so far we have Gilgamesh naturally , Lighting , Shantotto , Brick Golems , and Iroha. For the most part they have no actual bearing on the plot and may not be canon, but Iroha at least seems to be sticking around instead of returning to her non-existent alternate timeline on Vana'diel.

    It is where Omega ends up following it's battle with Shinryu.

    ‎Steve Karmazenuk on Apple Books

    It resides here to perform experiments to determine the ultimate life form and defeat it itself to gain an insight into the innate strength of life. While it's clear that the beings the player faces there such as Exdeath, Chaos and Kefka are created by Omega it's purposely vague about whether said beings are based on real beings from other worlds or based on old myths Omega has encountered. It was thought that the different Fire Emblem verses all took place on separate worlds the Akaneia and Jugdral games and Gaiden aside , until Fire Emblem Awakening came along and introduced the concept of the Outrealm Gates linking different worlds together.

    In fact, it's also implied particularly in Awakening 's "The Future Past" DLC that the Time Travel present in Awakening 's main plot isn't really so much time traveling as much as it is dimension hopping , further implying that every single playthrough of each game is equally canon. Injustice 2 features the Multiverse, both as a story element and gameplay feature.

    In the story, Doctor Fate had saved Black Canary from being killed by the Regime by transporting her into an alternate dimension, where she met and eventually married a version of Green Arrow whose own universe's version of Black Canary had died. The Multiverse is featured as a gameplay mode: presented as Batman's "Brother Eye" surveillance network monitoring dimensional anomalies created in the wake of Batman having summoned an alternate universe's heroes in the previous game. In a similar vein to the Living Towers of Mortal Kombat X , parallel Earths in this game's Multiverse mode change from hour by hour, day by day, and week by week, offering different rewards for saving them.

    Kingdom Hearts indulges in this concept with the Worlds; separated by near-impenetrable barriers unless you can find a way to bypass it , but all sharing the same oceans and skies. Unlike most examples, the Worlds seem to be in one universe instead of scattered across infinite dimensions. The Adult Timeline has Link defeating Ganondorf and returning to the past. The Child Timeline begins when Link completes this trip, allowing him to prevent Ganondorf from coming to power. The Fallen Hero timeline was created by an alternate version of Link losing to Ganondorf.

    Hyrule Warriors features a fourth timeline, where Cia opens portals to the other timelines. Makai Kingdom introduced the multiverse concept for the various netherworlds and non-netherworlds introduced by prior Nippon Ichi games prime amongst them Disgaea. The Myst games and books are primarily concerned with a magical means of inter-universe travel and universe creation, if you believe Gehn.

    In Myst III: Exile , Saavedro seems to be capable of annihilating the new D'ni age by destroying the age definition book, so Gehn has a definite point. Later games and novels have explained that destroying the book only destroys the link to that particular world, although since said link can never be recreated, it might as well be considered destroyed as far as travelers are concerned. Furthermore, though official disposal of Linking Books was historically handled with care due to issues of the special techniques involved in forging the world link, there's very little real harm in the action.

    Much greater harm comes from writing carelessly which can introduce unstable elements into the world described. The original Myst touches on this with Atrus's musings on the Stoneship Age and this is a major problem for the second game Riven. The Nameless Mod mentions that other forum cities exist, and that travel between them is possible. Apparently a Planet Diablo merchant is responsible for the mana potions that can only be used by a single unique weapon of plot importance being in the game.

    The Nasuverse is actually made of different different continuities , possibly because the main works are multi-route visual novels. However, actually traversing between Universes is the domain of Magic i. Also used as a source of infinite Mana by taking a small amount from an infinite number of alternate realities, using a tool designed by the aforementioned character.

    Incidentally, this is also a perpetual motion machine since it powers itself. Neptunia has so far taken place in several alternate dimensions in the mainline games: The retgone'd first game's dimension called the Superdimension , the current canon Hyperdimension used in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 , Victory , and Megadimension Neptunia VII , the Ultradimension featured in Victory , and finally the two new dimensions featured in V II called the Zero and Heart Dimensions for a total of five. And that's not even getting to the three remakes, the soon-to-be six spinoffs, the manga, and the anime.

    The Nicktoons Unite! The world of every Nicktoon show is actually a dimension in the Nicktoon multiverse. Salon Maiden Anabel from Emerald appears in an extensive role, only it's heavily implied to be the original, "prime timeline" incarnation of said character. This causes Anabel to wind up in the "Megaverse" with few memories of her life in the "Oldverse. Since Aperture Science is bankrupt, all test chamber construction has been outsourced to Apertures in other universes, which is then tested in and stolen back.

    Cave, Dark! Cave, and Hobo! As well as a universe filled up entirely with money. Two of them, in fact. Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army and Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon show the existence of the Akarana Corridor, a tunnel linking several times and realities, further confirmed in Devil Summoner Soul Hackers. Super Paper Mario has this as the plot.

    Seeing as an Omnicidal Maniac is walking about with a dark book has the future written in it with the way how to end all of existence , Mario ends at a interdimensional crossroads to collect the Pure Hearts. This trope is a major plot point in Super Robot Wars Original Generation , with the revelation that the character Gilliam Yeagar is the same character from Hero Senki: Project Olympus , having made his way into multiple Alternate Universes to get back to the world of Elpis in Hero Senki , following its events there. Central to Z are the mysterious artifacts called "Spheres" which allow its holder to travel and summon people between dimensions.

    The Big Bad even summon multiple versions of himself from different dimensions to aid him in the last battle. Touhou involves quite a bit of world-hopping. Based upon a relatively Buddhist notion of the universe, like the Nippon Ichi example above, with multiple hells Jigoku and netherworlds Makai , it gives the heroines plenty of reason to go To Hell and Back. This seems to have been more frequent earlier on in the series, when there weren't as many characters, and Gensokyo wasn't as fleshed out. Phantasmagoria of Dim.

    Dream features "scientists" who visit Gensokyo from an alternate dimension in order to "study danmaku " using a "probability hyperdrive vessel". Lotus Land Story has Reimu and Marisa competing to fight their way into the world of dreams, where Kazami Yuuka resides. Reimu and Marisa also visit another dimension that isn't very well explained in the extra stage, just to beat up the creators for no reason at all. Mystic Square features the heroine of the player's choosing invading Makai, the world of demons.

    Perfect Cherry Blossom features the Netherworld, and Hakugyokuro, land of restless spirits, and effective equivalent of Purgatory. It also has the legendary lost land of Mayohiga, home of the Yakumos. Yukari Yakumo, a Reality Warper , deserves special mention, as her power of "Borders" allows her to generate portals to any other location or dimension she can conceive of. She can even seemingly create new dimensions, by manipulating the boundary between fantasy and reality, and so make a dream or thought into a real dimension, and then open a portal to it.

    More titles to consider

    Needless to say, this makes her a Physical God for all intents and purposes. Imperishable Night has Turns out, there's an extremely different world underneath all that barrenness — a highly advanced civilization hiding itself from the "impurities" of the Earth. Revisiting the Moon also becomes the objective in Silent Sinner in Blue. Phantasmagoria of Flower View has the Sanzu no Kawa, a mythical, River Styx-like river that separates the land of the living from Higan, the land where the dead wait for their judgment, and, as a result, can wind up in Heaven, Hell, or get reincarnated.

    Subterranean Animism has the Hell of Blazing Fires lying in the cave networks beneath Gensokyo and the Earth in general, presumably in some sort of vague pocket dimension in the Earth's mantle that only appears in Gensokyo version Earth.