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1. So You Need a Meeting?

I completely forgot I had done that video. Almost as if I only recorded it a few weeks ago, when I was forty pounds heavier than I was in , but whatever, it's out there. Actually, one particular point that a lot of people had a problem with was that I didn't know that one of the Dinobots I saw on the foldout cover was named Snarl. Linkara: Okay, people, not only has it been years since I read the eighty issues of Marvel's Transformers comics, but even when I watched a good chunk of the original cartoon , the only one of the Dinobots who I ever gave a damn about was Grimlock.

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You won't forgive me if I didn't know one guy's name in a franchise that's had hundreds of Transformers! Hell, I had to look up Reggie's name on Wikipedia. Both of these reviews had a similar thing that people feel I did: failing to do the research. At all. The fact that it's still alive just makes me confused as all hell. And yeah, I know it's the only comic book still sold in grocery stores of the like, but in an age where the comic book medium is continuing to struggle against various other mediums, Archie's survival is all the more baffling.

As such, I admit, I am not the best qualified to discuss either, and my jokes may not resonate as effectively. However, I do believe in an old adage: every comic is someone's first. While there are various ways to approach that, I take the attitude that a creative team should put more of their best efforts into every comic they write and draw, since this could be a comic that gets a reader hooked and wanting to read more.

And when it came to the Archie Christmas comic and the Transformers Generation 2 comic, I felt they failed in that regard. However, I probably should've done just even just a teensy bit more research to try to figure out names and whatnot. Pretty much a failure on my account. Oh, and speaking of failures, the Pretenders Transformers were one of the most poorly executed ideas ever, so why the hell were they in a Generation 2 comic? I completely forgot that hard water is an actual thing.

It's water with a higher mineral content not freaking ice. I don't get how I could have forgotten about the existence of hard water when I mentioned water softeners before. However, this does point out the even more absurd premise behind Jay Garrick's powers. Hell, forget about smoking around sensitive lab equipment, according to the Golden Age, you can get superpowers due to an access of calcium deposits. You could probably get super powers from rubbing your face on a sponge. Linkara: Oooookaaay I need to go out of character for this one.

Lewis: Last summer, in the storyline segments of the show, Linkara, the character, departed on a quest to restore his magic and left a hologram in charge of the show. Cut to footage of Holokara from previous videos. When it comes to storyline-related material in crossovers, I usually try to match up what's going on in the show at the time with the crossovers that are edited and released by the other producers.

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For example, when I appeared in Phelous ' th episode, I was reading from the "Silent Hill: Read Bloody Tales" trade and was wearing the mobile emitter because of what was going on in the show at that time. Another example is doing a cameo for JesuOtaku 's "Full Metal Alchemist" review, where you can see the Tom Servo replica looking at me. This was a subtle hint about Poyo being inside of it, as was happening in the storyline. And I recorded them with the mobile emitter on my arm. Neither makes much sense with how they're written, and at some points, when they were released.

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It really doesn't make any sense that I'm wearing that. You can probably write off Suede's video because it was recorded earlier, and he's still possessed my memories of doing the first Pokemon movie review, but the Supergirl one is Cut to footage of the Chick's review of Supergirl , on which Linkara guest-starred. Linkara: Yeah, it's a pity we didn't think to film this five days ago. Due to a number of factors, we didn't end up filming it until after Con Bravo, and considering it wasn't the hologram who was at Con Bravo, it made things more than a tad confusing.

You can probably write off this and any other continuity errors in the storyline to the fact that we now live in a giant plot hole, but I prefer to simply be a better writer. Lindsay: And I'm sorry I didn't tell you not wear your little hologram thing from your little storyline when we filmed it.

Lewis: holding his glasses Ah, my own fault for not thinking of it. Oh, and say, when am I gonna get that "Supergirl" trade I loaned to you back? Lindsay: Oh, shoot, it's almost like we're breaking up because of static. Guess I'll talk to you later, bye! In the "Superman " review , I stated that viewers were incorrect in defending J.

Michael Straczynski for "One More Day". They stated that he was against splitting the two up and would have been perfectly happy letting the two continue to be married. Oh, don't we just love those? So, my saying that he bore as much blame was unfounded and I do apologize. I assumed because I had read that issues 3 and 4 had been heavily rewritten that it was most likely Joe Quesada who had done this. However, a kindly fan asked JMS about the rewrites, who said that actually most of issue 3 was pretty much as he intended, which would include that scene.

You'll forgive me if I don't include the tweet where he said so, I couldn't locate it again. Linkara: extremely guilty And that means I said very insulting things towards the guy who didn't want to do the story in the first place, I really like Babylon 5. Cox: I know. And your guilty anguish is so Quite frankly, it's all I can do not to grind pepper on your head.

Avi Arad did! The reasoning was in running the company in relation to the movies, and the pushing of trade paperbacks into bookstores immediately after a book storyline had concluded or had similar stopping point for a trade. Well, while the emphasis on trades does seem to be a Quesada policy he had while he was editor-in-chief, he really didn't do much to save Marvel after its bankruptcy. You have this guy to thank for raising comic prices higher than they should be, for placing greater emphasis on collectors' comics, phasing comics out of the mainstream and into a more niche market, and all of the financial decisions that eventually led to Marvel's bankruptcy and thus also the Clone Saga and eventually Marville!

And there's nothing wrong with making money. Hell, I'm a capitalist. The problem is that a lot of the business decisions he'd made were for short-term gain, and they're what ultimately led to the speculator boom, the failure of thousands of comic book stores, and several other crappy things! After Marvel was eventually bought again, away from Perelman's hands, then-new editor-in-chief Bob Harris tried to help the company by launching tons of new number-one issues. Sound familiar? But that's not what ultimately made Marvel the powerhouse it is today. He and other toy biz co-owner Isaac Perlmutter purchased Marvel away from Perelman after a series of complicated negotiations as well as obtaining movie rights to several other Marvel characters.

My Screw Up

They also waited for a few more movie rights to expire on characters like Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk, and then revert back to Marvel. He then came up with a plan for Marvel to start its own movie studio at a low risk to the company, mostly because Marvel wasn't seeing a good chunk of the money from financial successes like Blade , X-Men or Spider-Man. And what did that ultimately lead to? Cut to a clip of the Avengers movie. I actually don't have any reason to be.

Linkara: guiltily laughing Oh, dear, can I get unintentionally offensive sometimes. Cut to pages of " Countdown ". And it comes back to the UK for that. See, in the USA, "Spazz" has actually been historically inoffensive and you can bring it back as far as the '50s and '60s as slang for nerds or other quote unquote "uncool individuals". In the UK, however, "Spazz" is a derogatory term for "Spastic", which word generally insults regarding intelligence.

However, that was bred from the word "spastic", deriving from those that suffered from cerebral palsy. And in the UK, it's still associated with it in that way.

As such, it's pretty much the equivalent of calling someone retarded, an insult built around actual medical conditions. You'll notice that I don't call things retarded on this show either. It's preferred to attack people for their work being bad or possessing questionable ethics. I will attack for those reasons but certainly not for medical conditions. I will insult people because they're being dumb or moronic.

Linkara: And yes, I'm aware of the historical usage of the words "dumb" and "moron". However, those definitions are outdated and, quite frankly, my vocabulary only stretches so far. So, I need as many words for "stupid" as I can get. Although, I suppose I could start using the word "asinine". I like the multiple syllables. While that isn't the case for the top two, it certainly is with this one I know little of Chinese mythology, so the connection of the three characters, in relation to a phoenix, a dragon and a tortoise, was lost on me.

In addition, the horse-dragon-thing on Scary Eyes Ninja is most likely a mythological creature called a qilin. Also, some of the martial arts demonstrated in the comic have some bearing in real life, but a commenter suggested that it was an exaggeration of those techniques to somewhat superhuman feats.

Kim Briggs digitally worked into it replacing Carla to verify she was there for Ben's funeral. Cox if he had ever seen a ghost. However, Fraser couldn't appear because he was filming a movie. As such, Jill Tracy from " My Lunch " appears instead. It is in these two episodes that Ben was diagnosed with leukemia. In the former, J.

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Cox's and imagines a series of events in which he proves Ben is misdiagnosed and actually well, before realizing it is a fantasy and Ben in fact has leukemia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Green Frank Encarnacao as Dr. Walter Mickhead Warren Munson as Mr. Retrieved John "J. Bill Lawrence. Categories : Scrubs season 3 episodes American television episodes.

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