SANTIAGO CARRILLO – or history falsified

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Anarchism in Ireland. Anarchism in Italy. Anarchism in Japan. Anarchism in Korea. Anarchism in Las Canarias. Anarchism in Mexico. Anarchism in Morocco. Anarchism in Scotland. Anarchism in Seville. Anarchism in Spain. Anarchism in the UK. Anarchism in the USA. Anarchist activism.

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Louise Michel. Mexican Revolution. Middle East. Mythology and Magic. Nazis Fascism Corporatism.

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Neo Fascism. Northanger Abbey. Photo Essay. In doing this, they have only demonstrated that one thing: their total disregard for these thousands of progressive people, including at least university professors and economists, who want to do no more than support Greece against its executioners!

The predilection of the leaders of this genetically modified Syriza for the very worst of administrative methods should not be a surprise. In fact, well before their spectacular capitulation, they were already making violent and vulgar attacks on the Commission for the Truth of the Public Debt through their specialized dirty jobs media without so much as daring to criticize it publicly or to give reasons. On the contrary, these cowards have always preferred low blows to public confrontation. What Jorge Semprun said of Santiago Carrillo is just what applies perfectly well to them : all his life he did only one thing, enter in the big salons.

Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)

A telling detail: as once in Moscow, now also in Athens, these inquisitors are giving first priority to annihilating those who dare to deny the genetic modification of their party and persist in standing up for themselves Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt. When Tsipras is eliminating any trace of his opponents! The Brown Plague is back!

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