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That is so incredible! Way to manifest a dream! But you should make it yours! This is going to be great. You should reach out to Ann Patchett — another author who took the bookstore plunge. Oh and I asked my friend Amanda in San Antonio if she knows of anything. This is amazing! This is amazing!!! This will be a real life destination.

Every bookstore needs comfy seating, not just chairs but couches and maybe even pillows on the floor. You had me at Margaritas. So excited for you!!! I look forward to the many future road trips from Austin to your bookstore to snuggle with ferrets and otters. Oh my fish!!! This sounds amazing!! I love the idea of store ferrets and donut bookmobiles and cubbies to hide in. This would absolutely get a high ranking of places to visit on my bucket list! I think I could summon enough spoons to go again. Congrats on making the big announcement! We have a bookstore aptly named This Is A Bookstore.

It has a great vibe. Room for author events. A BAR. Ithink they have a great business model if you need inspiration. If I ever get to Texas I will come see what you have created. This sounds amazing! Everyone thinks of the fun bits, but not the mechanics of everyday business. Please be prepared.

Can I join your online book clubs?? Or at least non-shopping mall of any sort. Definitely the haunted victorian with large overstuffed armchairs hidden in corners where people can curl up with a book and read. Honestly, I feel that you need a bookstore cat. Come on. And if you carry lifestyle items, then the bare minimum of lifestyle items. No matter what, your bookstore will be awesome because of you. And now I need to go to San Antonio so I can snuggle cats and ferrets. Ooo, ooo, ooo frantically waiving hand!!!

Can I come work for you? I even have bookstore experience and cat and ferret experience, too ; I can even make a margarita. Please have a secret door entrance somewhere! I also am a fan of cute stationery in bookstores. And my favorite bookstore ever is Malaprops in Asheville. They know how to do it and I have spent hours in there. Oh, and also hammocks or hammock chairs would be amazing.

I believe comfortable chairs are the most critical factor. And at least one cat, regardless of what the health department says. I think this is the most amazing thing I have heard in like forever! You build it and I will come and visit! My only contribution to this discussion: I think Beyonce the Chicken should live there, if you still have her. You need a tiny cafe with awesome baristas who can make things with italian sounding names, and also big floofy chairs and a bookstore cat.

The Victorian sounds awesome. Then you could showcase some of your doll houses. Cozy chairs that feel like a hug. Tea shop. Home-y feel. This is such an amazing idea!!! Now I have two author-owned-bookstore-visits on my bucket list!!! And socks. You should sell socks. I am sooo excited for you, and think this is a wonderful idea. All m favorite bookstores have always had a cat. Just one, but it was large and mellow and just spent the day dozing on top of a stack of books on the counter or in a cozy bed and tolerated people who wanted to pet him. As for the books, I utterly trust your judgement!

Like the grinch my heart grew three sizes. My favorite bookstore is the last bookstore in downtown Los Angeles. It has all these nooks and crannies and unique decorations. I feel like I can disappear into the books. Also a giant fish tank. I sit in a big oversized chair and read and watch the fish. Tea or coffee and water should be available for everyone who come in the store with if possible sweets like cake and cookies and chocolates it makes life so agreeable! That is sooooo cool and awesome. Proud of ya!!!! Suggest: a small section for used books for trade or lending to others; donate some profits to help the homeless; coffee FO SHO!

Buy enuf, get your card punched, get a freebie!!! I wanna make a trip to Texas now and visit the establishment when it ooens. My favorite books stores are the ones that feel like a lazy treasure hunt, where I know something will be found around the next corner. Look at the Battery Book Exchange in Asheville for ideas. People come in, bring their dogs, have some wine…..

One of the coolest places I worked was not wheelchair accessible on two of the three floors. So run with it! Have fun! I am so thrilled for you!!! Also, space for readings and maybe live music from time to time is always a super cool feature. Please please please do a stand alone haunted bookstore. It would be a destination. This is an amazing idea. How exciting. I wish I lived closer so I could come and write there every day. For me a bookstore has to have a cosy, welcoming feel. Inviting decor and colours. Having drinks of some sort is a bonus, but it really is about the atmosphere.

Leather, or pleather couches and seating, with a strict policy of bringing in your fav pillow and lap blanket. And I love this idea so much I would travel to come help make it everything you want. Also I would relocate and work there for cheap. Please have lots of comfy chairs and couches and the sweet kind of chai! New and used books are categorized in random parts of the store with no rhyme or reason so you just have to wander around. Sounds fantastic! Where you can twirl with Hailey and totally come back as a ghost to do so. I love your idea for the space.

And while malls can be a bummer to be in, you can still make the inside the way you want to most of the time. Look at Hot Topic. Good luck! Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! This is all kinds of amazing. It will be wonderful!! Yes for books, ferrets, kittens and margaritas!

Coffee and nibbles would be important, and art house movies for sale, but projected even better! I can only imagine I must be the 15th person to say this. But definitely have a little coffee shop type area. Even if that means pastries and bread, tea and coffee. Big chairs, loaner headphones. Maybe a kids area. Good lighting, a fireplace, windows, but not so much bright sunlight no one can actually see.

An outdoor area. OMG Jenny your going to live my dream! I am so happy for you! I have to agree with some suggestions that you should think about having a used book section, book lovers and voracious readers will love and appreciate this! Weird Co-Workers. Shelves of Staff Favorites are my favorite part of any bookshop. A place that is not just wheelchair accessible, but wheelchair friendly is pretty much a unicorn.

You will def need ferret cams. Especially if they are coexisting with tea, scones, or jewelry they can pilfer. Living the dream! Good for you!! I like your haunted house idea but otters need water so that might be a problem. As for what I like in bookstores, big overstuffed comfy chairs are wonderful. It gives you a chance to read the first chapter of a book so you can decide whether you really like it or not. Do you say hello or nod or ignore them? And how about a ferret habitat? So think liability. Oh my gosh. Yes, please. I personally prefer older, funkier space, but new is fine.

I like to have some comfy places to sit, with coffee for sale nearby. My favorite bookstores of all time have been Book People, Tattered Cover, and old used bookstores that smell like dust. Good for you! This would be worth an hour road trip I think. Desks and hard chairs for those who want to write.

Maybe uneven not uniform I mean, not slanted! A book ladder would be fun!

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A Bookstore Cat is a must-have maybe even kittens from the local rescue that patrons can pet while they are there and potentially adopt? I am so excited for you, I hope you have fun with it!! OMG I loooooooove this idea!!! I will fly to San Antonio as soon as this bookshop opens and I can afford the flight! I love bookshops with lots of nooks and crannies to hide in and just be among books.

I also love bookshops that have a teashop. Any excuse to buy a book and stay to read — comfy armchairs included. And postcards from local artists. Always love those. Your bookstore will be magic. This news made me so happy!!!! So amazing!!! You NEED at least one of those reach-the-topshelf stairs with wheels. Pretty rugs to sit on while just browising a book. And totally the mall, so we can run away and hide in the big bathrooms for a bit. They had a small Thomas the Train set and some other toys. What a wonderful idea! And tell Victor to be quiet. I would LOVE a book shop that was full of cats and other cute furry animals!!

How awesome would that be to curl up on a comfy chair with a hot chocolate or margarita and pet a kitty while reading a good book!? Good luck Jenny! Oooooh, I think your shop belongs somewhere like King William you have been to their annual quirky parade and arts fair during Fiesta, yes? Give the people what they want. Obviously cats, cookies, tea, lots of cozy nooks. A fairy garden for kids to play in while parents drink tea and buy books.

Taxidermied rodents dressed as notable literary characters. Never have I ever uttered these words before: I need to move to the United States. Specifically Texas. I am beside myself with happiness that there will be another bookstore in the world. Pretty please? Can you also have a used books section along with the new? This is the best news! Except for the ferrwts. They are cute, but I do not let smelly things around my books. Not even mynkids. What makes a bookstore great for me?

This beats Amazon. Especially in the middle-grade and YA area. I want a bookstore that does author events, readings, signings, book clubs, storytimes for kids, etc. Ask for Tina. I will visit regularly. Well, as regularly as I can from 7 hours away! I definitely vote for haunted Victorian.

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My favorite bookstore is the Thrifty Peanut. Also, my favorite bookstores are ones that have had cats and ones that have a certain charm to the building or decor. One of my favourite local bookstores here in Toronto always has cool magazines from small publishing houses that are really hard to find anywhere else. I love that. Upon reflection, bookstores are actually a pretty dangerous place for me or rather, my wallet. So exciting!

I love handwritten book recommendations on the shelves. They just seem so personal and special. What a great idea! Whatever the featured book is could also be the bookclub discussion book for those who can meet in person and maybe those of us who can only meet virtually. Good luck and best wishes on the endeavor! I love old, vintage book finds. Maybe have a selection of those. And the old cookbooks — just in case you need to know how to roast a terrapin while stranded somewhere is always useful.

So happy for you. Dream big!

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Also, San Antonio just became the number one destination on my travel list! No otters. But a cat. And lots of cozy comfy books to read in. A great small community area for authors and writing groups. Great coffee. Check it out! Love this idea! My favorite bookstores have all had unexpected card racks sprinkled throughout.

Also- big fan of comfy chairs. Writing nooks? YES Giant chairs. Bright, light areas? Dim dusty hideaway corners? YES If there is an attic in your space, you must make it part of the shop. PS: I hate giving away my books but for you I will happily donate my duplicates. Shannon akaMonty recently posted Double the fun! Or more likely double, double, toil and trouble. The kids section needs to be fun and interactive and not one of those places where I am afraid to let my kids touch stuff.

Also story time for kids! With beanbag chairs and places for them to snuggle and read! Also tell Victor that my favorite bookstore in Galveston had a big fat fluffy cat that just laid on the front desk all day. You need a big fat fluffy cat. Comfy chairs. Used book section that smells a little musty but not too much. Book recommendation blurbs by random non-celebrity folks like me. OMG, this is my dream too. One: It should definitely be in an old house. And two: The most ridiculous, over the top, in house press imaginable, were you set all the type by hand and sometimes put the letters in backwards, and only make like three copies a month.

Oh, and at least one of the bookstore cats should be missing an eye, and another should have extra toes. It must have lots of big squishy chairs and couches for one to sit on and while perusing books! I am so excited for this- like this gives me a reason to get to San Antonio excited! My favorite things about book stores… USED books. Lots of them. Places to sit. Comic books. A friendly ghost, for sure!!! The bookstore I worked at did have a ghost. Coffee… baked goods. Music, but not too loud. Readings and book clubs and author meet and greets. My whole family loves bookstores. We go to our favorite one almost every week.

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I love that you are doing this. You need to convince Victor that the bookstore needs a cat. All bookstores need a cat as do all coffee shops, train stations, antique stores, well really anywhere, but I have seen them in all these places and they are always loved and an important part of the experience. I love bookstores with coffee shops or even small bars, but I would suggest getting a space that allows for it, but adding it later. Opening two businesses at once, one of which requires health inspections and such might be a little overwhelming.

I love this idea. I have worked at many bookstores over the years and still dream of opening one myself one day. No character and too sterile. The walls need to be able to tell stories. Recently hung drywall is soulless. You definitely need a bookstore cat! Although it should likely be a sphinx to avoid causing allergy symptoms in some people! Honestly, the Tiffany lamps at the one in Victoria is so amazing.

It really gives the book store feel, somehow. Fake tiffqy lamps work too! Will you have an upstairs room for people who want to spend the night in a haunted bookstore? Will you adopt me? This sounds awesome! I would like an area with some large tables where I can spread out stuff if I need to see it all at once.

Stay away from new strip malls. Lean towards haunted mansions or at least a large location with a big enough parking lot that you could actually have book fairs with live authors or fantasy mermaid events to use the otters —any way vending events in the parking lot a couple time a year full of vendors that are artistic and a little weird like us Dont let Victor real you in too much. Please, please just have some chairs, and no books on the very bottom shelf where they never get seen.

And YAY and congratulations!!!!

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Bookstores are awesome, you are awesome. Please have lots and lots of places to sit, and not all close to each other! I wish you all the best! I am so thrilled and excited for you! Just make the bookstore cozy and inviting. Comfy seating in little nooks is essential. Offer a wide variety of books to appeal to everyone. I wish you the best of luck in your new journey. So, I say give it a shot!! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!

Whats the address? My favorite bookstore was a used bookstore, so have used books, too? Crammed, to the rafters. I loved hanging out there. Please please have a book themed knick knack area: book bags, mugs, book marks, signs, bracelets whatever. I will take snuggles from any cat, but ferrets are snakes hiding in furry costumes.

I do love an older, somewhat discombobulated bookstore full of twists and turns and odd rooms and quiet nooks with a beat up leather chair for reading. Kramer Books in Dupont Circle, DC is one of my faves for their cozy bar, cafe space, events and hang-out-ability. This is so exciting! I imagine wooden floors that creak, two stories high. Also spinnie stands for your doll houses in October! Very excited for you! I love to do fancy cakes, so if I had a bookstore, it would also have cakes.

You had me a margarita bar. My dream bookstore has plenty of lounge areas to kick back and relax while deciding on which books need me to adopt them. A beautiful idea that will be appreciated by many. Maybe your book mobile could randomly drive around and pick up writers, and do an audible in cars version of Karaoke in cars. This is the best idea! You will have the best ever bookstore.

I am a music lover as well as a book fanatic and they host live music, poetry readings etc. They have a cafe with beer and pizza and outdoor seating in the summer. They are very involved in our community and host afarmers market in the summer. Check them out! Hmmm this sounds fun! One of the things I have always wished for in a book store is a view of titles that I do not have ot cock my head to one side to read the title. Wish you were opening the bookstore in Portland Oregon.

This is thrilling news! There is no one better to run a bookstore than someone who loves books. One of my favorite little independent book nooks has paintings by local authors lining the walls. Can you please have coffee? I love this. One of my favorite bookstore was a tiny one in northern Minnesota. It was well curated and so cozy. Not big and modern. With staff that truly loved books. There were cozy spots to curl up and relax. I really like old haunted Victorian.

Shelves that are arranged kind of like a maze so when your allotted browsing time is up, you can run away and hide from the spouse who wants to go. A this will be awesome! B Victor is wrong about the animals. A bookstore should at minimum have a cat. As far as what I like in a bookstore: I love bookstores that sell used books and offer some sort of trade-in program. I like to think that books take you places, so the idea of having travel posters of different literary lands always appealed to me greatly.

There are some incredible artists that have already done some up. I was working on a concept of opening a book bar with a similar theme, please take this and run with it if you so choose! We had ONE bookstore growing up. It was called the Phoenix Bookstore, and it was so awesome. It was teeny tiny, which fit our town. Eventually it closed because the owners got tired of the up-keep. The irony is that it has yet to rise from the ashes. But you never know!

I love it. I may also need to move, quit being a lawyer, and apply for a job with you. Comfy chairs are a must. Anxiety craft products would be great. Comfortable chairs. Warm tea. Jeff Hackworth, Soul to Go! Phil Haynes No Fast Food. Prince H. Duke Robillard Band, Calling all Blues! Frank Sinatra, Live in Paris. Salsa de la Bahia. Quincy Jones, Live in Paris. John, Ske-Dat-De-Dat.

XY Quartet, 5 Nusica. Funky Butt, Shaft, Schmell!

Joe Magnarelli, Lookin' Up! Malted Milk, On Stage Tonight! Julien Alour, W. Brussels Jazz Orchestra feat. Tom Kennedy, Just Play! Roy Haynes, The Quintessence. Ironing Board Sam, Double Bang! Samy Daussat, Nouvelle vague, Label Ouest Benny Goodman Orchestra feat.

Nicholas Payton, BAM. Africa in America. Anachronic Jazz Band, Back in Town! Renato Sellani Trio, Grand Piano. Artistry Jazz Group and Friends, Tribute! Banjax, Osa, W. Joe Blessett, Changing Everything Evan Christopher, Clarinet Road Vol. Tommaso Starace, Simply "Marvellous"! Renaud Garcia-Fons, Solo. Karin Ottelohe, Nothing Really Ends Mark Sherman, The L. Anthologie des Musiques de Danse du Monde-Vol. Atsuko Hashimoto, Ken Peplowski, In Search of Urs Leimgruber, OM Willisau.

Advocating the frequent couching of the crystalline lens is hardly the position of the classical oculist who believed the lens to be the seat of vision. The debate had degenerated into one about semantics. Woolhouse promised manuscripts which never appeared. Woolhouse taught his students secrets he would not divulge in manuscripts. One of his manuscripts leaves out specifics and is therefore more an advertisement than a scholarly treatise. He refused to acknowledge the accomplishments of competitors.

He bitterly and acrimoniously argued with his peers. Even Hirschberg admitted that Woolhouse was a scholar, well versed in both the classical and recent literature. Nowhere did Hirschberg accuse Woolhouse of providing treatments less effective than those of his contemporaries or which he Woolhouse believed to be ineffective. Woolhouse was known for several advances not directly related to glaucoma. As we have reported, he was a pioneer with respect to congenital cataract surgery. In fact, there is no evidence that Woolhouse taught Cheselden.

Moreover, Woolhouse actually performed operations for reconstruction of damaged pupils. Woolhouse lectured,. Then ye oculist, must with his needle pierce ye cataract just in ye middle of ye apple of ye eye, and having made as it were but ye prick of his needle, he must, little by little, prick as it were through a parchment, as many holes as he can well make, close as it were one to another and in ye best rank and order he can lineally. Then placing ye point of his needle in ye uppermost, draw it gently downwards and so consecutively ye second and third rank by this means, he will open a good large hole in ye cataract, by which ye patient will see moderately well all manner of objects.

Another type of fenestration was also described 35 , 43 :. Another species of Cataract we have mentioned, is woven like a web in the very hole, eye-ball, or pupil. This must be relieved first, by rubbing on the outside of the eye, to make the pupil dilate itself as much as possible; and then, having placed the patient in a moderate light, the window on the cataracted side, the oculist must cut very delicately the extremities of those fine threads, till he loosens them, and as it were unfetters the eye.

Pupilloplasty and synechiolysis were important because previously, few intraocular procedures had ever enjoyed prominence—just couching and paracentesis. Even though Woolhouse popularized synechiolysis, it would be hard to grant him priority for the operation. Woolhouse might be the first, however, to introduce the term synechiae in ophthalmology.

Prior to Woolhouse, ophthalmic use of the term was not identified by searching multiple relevant databases. Placement of the tubule had been done previously by Heister. We found the following passage in the lecture manuscript 35 :. There is a particular case in ye hernia of ye lacrimal sac become varicose, and mightily distended and hard, drawing after it ye entire nasal conduit outwards, which must be extirpated entirely all at once, and cauterized likewise, which to prevent a great effusion of blood, and which to hinder ye distortion of ye eyelids which a great suppuration would infallibly produce.

If he practiced as an oculist on his return, he did not leave any records that we could identify. Woolhouse died on January 26, by the New Style calendar. Beaumont was a native of France and was in Provence in about Beaumont, in St. Beaumont was strongly suspected of being a Jacobite sympathizer. In , he was charged with speaking treasonous words—specifically drinking to the health of the Pretender James III.

Beaumont, an eminent French Oculist in St. George Kelly in his Escape from the Tower, and for corresponding with him since at Avignon. Kelly d. Beaumont was released on bail. We do not know what happened with either charge, but Beaumont appears to have found social outlets in which he was accepted. He became a leader in the Masons by However, the prince and his father were estranged, and the prince established an opposition court. Beaumont died in John Thomas Woolhouse was an eye surgeon in a family of 5 generations of English oculists. He was an early adopter of paracentesis for hydrophthalmia, a condition of excess ocular tension.

In response to the new theory that a cataract was an opacity of the crystalline lens, he focused attention on the term glaucoma , which had been applied to disorders of the lens by the ancients. He observed that swelling of the lens could lead to palpable hardness of the eye, which, due to its origin with the lens, he termed glaucoma. It is partly because of Woolhouse that glaucoma , which initially suggested a lens disorder, has come to describe an optic neuropathy for which elevated intraocular pressure is a risk factor.

Woolhouse also appreciated that the soft eye was unlikely to recover vision. Woolhouse was also a pioneer with respect to surgery for synechiolysis, dacryocystectomy, and congenital cataracts. Peer Review: Two peer reviewers contributed to the peer review report. March 29, Wrote the first draft of the manuscript: CTL. All authors reviewed and approved of the final manuscript.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Ophthalmol Eye Dis v. Ophthalmol Eye Dis. Email: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Methods: We reviewed treatises and digital records related to Woolhouse and his family and the handwritten notes of his lecture series at the Royal Society of Medicine. Conclusions: Woolhouse was a bold ophthalmic innovator and teacher who made major contributions which have lasted to this day.

Keywords: Medical history, cataract couching, glaucoma. Introduction Ophthalmology in Northern Europe progressed substantially from the Elizabethan era through the mids. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Still, Stepkins performed the earliest congenital cataract surgery of which we are aware in England, as described by Robert Boyle: The bare prospect of this magnificent Fabric of the Universe, furnished and adorned with such strange variety of curious and useful Creatures, would, suffice to transport us both with Wonder and Joy, if their Commonness did not hinder their Operations.

Theodosia Stepkins Lady Ivy, Stepkins had a daughter named Theodosia, who through her marriage later became known as Lady Ivy A Brief History of Hydrophthalmia and Paracentesis Before , Woolhouse advocated paracentesis of the anterior chamber to relieve the excess ocular tension associated with a condition called hydrophthalmia or hydrophthalmie. If the lesion is purulent and protrudes one cun [about one inch], then one must puncture with a fine needle tip to let the bad water come out.

According to Mauchart, Diagnosis of hydrophthalmia: the successive increase of the sphere of the eye, increasing its natural dimensions by a third, half or the same size again: swollen tension; the cornea raised and protruding more than is usual; yet the iris being deeper and more removed from the internal surface of the cornea; the pupil unmoving, sometimes larger, otherwise narrower and thinner; the sight is at first unimpaired but subsequently weaker and more obscure; especially when, as frequently happens, the dark clouding of the cornea and the murkiness of the aqueous humour occur together; for some there is a dull stretching pain around the base of the eye, which although almost continuous is nevertheless very mild; in others it is much more serious along with a headache on the same affected side, stupor in parts of their face, and sometimes chest pain of the whole side, toothache and insomnia.

Many features resembled angle-closure glaucoma: Swelling and preternatural increase of the vitreous humour likewise notably increases the dimension of the eye and gives it a firm tension [duramque infert ei tensionem]; yet if this happens without the accompanying increase of the aqueous humour, one can then easily see, as Woolhouse testifies, the rim of the vitreous humour elevated around the crystalline lens, covering it with a shadow, creating upwards strabismus, producing extraordinary firmness [duritiem] for the bulb, and introducing a dull pain along with a notable loss of vision.

The New Theory of Cataract After , Woolhouse de-emphasized the term hydrophthalmia, and for the most part, appeared to replace it with the term glaucoma. His precise description suggests that he may have performed this procedure routinely: The tenth operation is when the cataract or glaucoma has passed into the pupil, between the cornea and the iris. Similarly, Jean Riolan, the younger , wrote, 91 The thickness and hardness of the Chrystallin Humor is properly termed Glaucosis or Glaucoma, because the color thereof resembles that of an Owles Eyes: it proceeds from a cold and dry distemper, and is therefore familiar to aged Persons.

This idea was first expressed by Celsus: And in the cataract itself, there is a certain development. As early as April , Woolhouse wrote that the finger could determine whether the crystalline lens was hard 48 : But I have found an infinity of glaucomas of the crystalline humor, where the vitreous and aqueous humor were healthy. The following description suggests what today would be termed phacomorphic glaucoma : But cataracts are in this different from glaucomas.

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Softness of the Eye Woolhouse also made a contribution with respect to the palpably soft eye. Woolhouse made numerous mentions that the palpably soft eye is unlikely to be curable due to what he thought was vitreous degeneration: very frequently ye glassy humor itself is totally liquified, by ye entire solution of ye continuity of its little cellules, which one easily perceives by a touch of ye finger and, ye eye being soft and flabby. Acceptance That Couching Displaces the Lens by The major criticism of Woolhouse among his contemporaries and among modern historians has been that he was wrong in the debate over the nature of cataract.

He stated repeatedly after , in both French and English, that there are 15 or 20 glaucomas of the crystalline for every real membranous cataract: for there are certainly 20 glaucomas for one true cataract. Other Teachings Woolhouse was known for several advances not directly related to glaucoma. Woolhouse lectured, ye fenestration or boring a hole in ye cataract is never practiced but when ye cataract is closely adherent to ye inward borders of ye pupil, hindering its alternative opening and shutting and is by no means to be separated.

We found the following passage in the lecture manuscript 35 : There is a particular case in ye hernia of ye lacrimal sac become varicose, and mightily distended and hard, drawing after it ye entire nasal conduit outwards, which must be extirpated entirely all at once, and cauterized likewise, which to prevent a great effusion of blood, and which to hinder ye distortion of ye eyelids which a great suppuration would infallibly produce. Conclusions John Thomas Woolhouse was an eye surgeon in a family of 5 generations of English oculists.

Footnotes Peer Review: Two peer reviewers contributed to the peer review report. References 1. Congenital cataract surgery during the early Enlightenment period and the Stepkins oculists.

JAMA Ophthalmol. A medieval fallacy: the crystalline lens in the center of the eye. Clin Ophthalmol. What was glaucoma called before the 20th century? Leffler CT, Pierson K. The origin of the term glaucoma: owls or light-colored eyes? J Glaucoma. Parish Register. Halstead Essex. Marriage of Judeth Attwood and John Stepkin. England, Select Marriages, — [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Ancestry. Robinson J. Rutland C. Boswell J, Johnson S. Moore N. Moundeford, Thomas — , rev. Accessed May 29, Jenkins E. Six Criminal Women. Pelling M, White F. Bramston J. The Autobiography of Sir John Bramston.

Oxford, UK: Hen. Hall for Ric, Davis, :3— Stepkins J. VVherein are set forth the unheard-of practices and villanies of lewd and defamed Women, in order to separate man and wife. Pierce R. Mallet; Mossam E, Ivy T. The famous tryal in B.