Poker Concepts: Bluffing

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Your check allows him to bluff at the pot, and you call and collect with your bluff catcher.


Earlier this week, Sarah Herring spoke with WSOP -bracelet holder Jason Duval about an especially interesting hand he played during the early levels of Day 1 of the European Poker Tour Malta Main Event that illustrated him facing a river bet and holding a bluff catcher. The hand found Duval reaching the river versus Bartolomeo-Fulvio Tato holding while the board showed.

After turning two pair Duval had rivered a flush — although not quite the best possible one — but was facing an all-in shove by Tato of 15, or about twice the size of the pot. Get all the latest PokerNews updates on your social media outlets. Sign up and confirm your email to subscribe to our newsletter and get started: I confirm that I am over the age of 18 years old.

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Sign up to get all the updates it only takes 30 seconds. User Account Sign in. Use your social profile to sign in faster. With our opponent checking to us, we can bet pretty comfortably, knowing that they can virtually never raise as it is impossible for them to have the nuts in this situation. So, even if they do call, they'll be giving up the control of the pot and we can decide on different rivers. So, they do end up calling and we proceed to see the river that is a complete brick. They check to us once again. This is where the value of blockers really comes into play.

You can fire out a big bet on the river, representing the absolute nuts and it is hard for your opponent to really know if you're bluffing or you actually have it.

Of course, the bet size in these spots usually needs to be on the bigger side to maximize your fold equity so you need to balance it out with doing the same sometimes you actually do have the nuts. Additionally, always check out your opponent's stats.

If they are someone who doesn't really like to fold and will station you with a wide range of hands, there isn't much point in try to rep the nuts. This play is most effective against players who'll actually have some idea of what it is you're trying to represent and will factor that into their decision-making process. Finally, you can consider blockers when deciding whether to make a call in a difficult spot.

How an Artificial Intelligence Learned to 'Bluff' at Poker | Live Science

It is pretty much the same concept that is applied in bluffing spots, only reversed. If you're the one holding the Ace of Clubs on the similar board texture but it is your opponent who is betting relentlessly on all streets, you can stop to think about what it is they're representing. Since you know they can't have the nuts, the question becomes how can they play so aggressively without knowing your holdings. This might help you catch an occasional bluff here and there, especially on the river, as many players tend to make huge river bets with polarized ranges in one of two scenarios:.

What Is Bluffing in Poker?

Of course, don't take this as an excuse to just start calling people down with Ace-high hands left and right. Competent players will still go for value with good flushes even if they're not the absolute nuts so don't level yourself into thinking that they could only be betting on a bluff.

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In these scenarios, it is important to consider the entire hand and put together as much information as possible before making the decision. Having a blocker to the nuts is definitely valuable but don't overestimate it as it will cost you money if you do! More info! Free Poker Cheat Sheets.

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  • Best Poker Software List. Best Poker Training Sites Online. Poker Rules For Different Games. So things to take away from this is memorizing the formulas, understanding the basic principals and just working through these sort problems until you get a grasp on the concept.

    If You’re Considering a Bluff..

    Once you understand how poker math works, you will become a much better player and will be more confident in your ability to discern when to play and when to fold. If you are looking to take the next step when it comes to poker math, I fully suggest picking up Poker Math That Matters — the best book for getting the poker math down quickly. Contact me if you need any help improving your poker game!