Out of the Box: 101 ideas for thinking creatively

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Color code them if you wish and start playing. Bring together random blocks, then look at the connections. Write them down. See if they can be brought together to create new content angles or ideas.

Out of the Box: 101 Ideas for Thinking Creatively

Pull apart those blocks and start again. You can apply some rules too. For example, put together one persona-related block, one block about the customer journey stage, two challenge blocks, and one product block. The idea is to get away from the linear thinking and play around with different ideas and connections that you might not have ever thought of. All the combinations — and resulting ideas — can be examined and expanded to see if they can be viable.

Search through your blog or other content archives for posts or topics that can be expanded, updated, or adapted. Expand an old blog post based on industry-wide changes. Update best practices content for a new year or season. Adapt a popular text-based post into an infographic, video, or tool.

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Revisiting old content refocuses the mind on an easily accomplished creative task, which then sparks new ideas to lift you out of that slump. Physically writing may be a little old school, but there is something empowering and motivating about it.

“Think Outside the Box” and Other Metaphors of Creativity

Simply put pen to paper and let the ideas flow. When this happens, take a mind break and experience a different type of creative environment. Visit a museum or a new coffee shop. Sometimes experiencing new scenery can bring about fresh perspectives and stimulate the brain. Bring in fresh eyes. Then let them go. Write everything down, explore ideas that resonate with you, and let their enthusiasm re-energize you.

Keep that list and reference it whenever you get in a slump. Then bring them in again.

When I feel unmotivated about a project or task, I try to find one element of it that is unique and interesting. Even if this concept is only loosely related, it will generally pull my brain out of a rut. Coloring is probably one of my favorite ways to combat a work slump. Coloring brings you back to childhood, and we all know how imaginative and creative children are. Picking colors that bring the pages to vibrant life is therapeutic. Stealing ideas from wildly different industries or mediums has always been my favorite way to get out of any creative slump.

Get out of your everyday environment. Take yourself and a colleague or your team offsite for a brainstorming session. Even taking just an hour out of your day can fuel the fire and ignite ideas. I sell cars. I partnered with a local magazine and attend all its community events.

We held one at a newer restaurant with a live DJ and set up an ax-throwing court set. Everyone had a blast.

Dig in the content archives

By the end of the night I had over views and that doubled by the morning. We promoted the magazine and restaurant and all their followers with several shares. I set up Google alerts around the topics I am actively writing about. Every morning, I read through the articles to find relevant news pieces to associate with the content I am writing.

Most of what I write is pure stream-of-consciousness nonsense, but more complex and concentrated thoughts start to appear that can be developed further. After a while, without even realizing it, the writing mojo is back. One thing I do to help keep my mind from reaching a creativity block is daily meditation. I use various apps, such as Headspace. Matt Edstrom, head of marketing, BioClarity. We encourage our team to experience art, exhibits, events, store openings, concerts, etc.

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Good creative content is built out of the collective human experience and translating that via content that resonates with your audience. Daniel K. Lobring, v ice president, marketing communications, rEvolution. I like to switch up the format of my content. Recruiting New Applicants Use alternate locations for registration. Offer larger than normal referral bonus for difficult-to-fill positions. Staff a mall kiosk to apply for work. Give gift certificate after 40 or 80 hours of work. Hire a full-time recruiter. When applicant turns down an assignment, ask if they know someone else who might be interested.

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Systematically call applicant to ask for referrals. Ask for referrals from manicurists, hair stylists, tanning salons. Give them company information to hand out. If they refer someone, give the applicant a certificate for free service at the salon. Publicize your training room; better market your training facility.

Work with companies who are laying off — offer to help displaced workers. Scenario recruiting — set up scenario, ask people to refer the people that fit the scenario e. Form alliance with human resources department to recruit applicants they can not use. Use permanent applicants for temp work. On-hold advertising.

Direct recruit during lunch hour. Sponsor a break during a night course — provide free refreshments. Align with outplacement or resume services. Recruit from 3rd party training schools. Meet instructors of classes at local colleges, continuing education, etc. Advertise on-line, especially for technical positions. Treasure hunt game — create treasure map. Give applicant a piece of the map for each referral given.

Creative thinking - how to get out of the box and generate ideas: Giovanni Corazza at TEDxRoma

Complete map to get prize. Staff a booth or table in a grocery store for registration. Ask clients if they have dissatisfied employees we could recruit away to save termination costs. Make the application process more fun. Lunch is on you — if applicants register on lunch break, by them lunch. Borrow space at a university, or set up a table in the student union. Ask other companies for creative and innovative recruiting ideas.

Align with local Realtors — recruit people relocating here. Go to employment and job fairs. Recruit from substitute teachers lists. Speak at a class at community education or continuing education. Ask your clients for referrals.

Outside-the-Box Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Tips (With Examples)

Open branch offices and move to territories for each branch. Shop your competitors to get creative recruitment ideas. Guest lecture at a local college. Raise your minimum referral bonus amount. Get testimonials from temps who have used your training facility. Hold an open house. Place a coupon in the paper — give something to the applicant for registration. Use space at the Department of Labor. List available positions with the Department of Labor.

Present a high school career day. Mobile recruiting — bus for recruiting ideas.

Contact local libraries. Recruit from GED classes. Work with the Board of Education. Advertise at theaters on-screen. Offer remote testing — go to the temp. Advertise on radio. Get on your local morning news program. Consider an infomercial. Produce an XYZ Staffing video. Advertise on city buses. Advertise on back of supermarket register tapes. Have outside sales people display magnetic signs on their car doors. Give away phone calling cards to your temps.