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The death of her parents at The death of her beloved husband, Blake 2 years after their marriage. The death of her unborn baby. The de OMFG! The death of her older sister, Alexis to drugs. Then to top it off she looses her last remaining family member, her grandmother. Adriana has so much strength. I can't imagine all the loses she endures and is able to keep going. When she discovers her husband is alive after 4 years, she's tested again. Can their love overcome the heartache, and lies? Blake, everything he did was to protect Adriana, including faking his death.

When Blake and Adriana reunite, it was absolutely beautiful. You could feel the intense love these two still had for each other. I loved the flashbacks in their lives. The dual POV's told both sides of a love still burning. I can't express how much this book affected me.

I can honestly say it's a top read of for me!! Jun 25, Erin Lewis rated it really liked it. How much pain, suffering, loss and death can someone take? Adriana Jensen is a woman who has lost so much and is barely living life. Come Back To Me is a second chance at love story which at times really got to me. The pain and suffering experienced by Adriana was palpable as narrator Lacy Laurel read this story and my heart just about broke for her.

Blake on the other hand I could not connect with. Logan McAllister did a great job as did Lacy Laurel. I was frustrated by the repetitiveness throughout the story and it wore me down. However having said that it was an interesting story and I am glad I listened to it. Oct 11, Mandy rated it liked it Shelves: 2nd-chance. I did the audio of this one and I enjoyed the narration and the story for the most part. The characters were likeable and I loved their romance. My only complaint is that there was way too much internal monologue for me.

Oct 01, Julia rated it did not like it Shelves: throw-away-dnf , writing-that-s-bad , too-much-plot-not-enough-smut , worst-secondary-characters , not-working-for-me-boring. Aug 24, Ana Rita rated it it was amazing. I was beyond happy to read a new book from this author because she had become one of my to go author's of all times. Every single book that I've read just came to reinforce my love for her words. Every story was like a breath of fresh air and I was eager to breath it all. Kathy Coopmans has a simple yet intricate writing that can put you nervous in a second and happy at the same time.

I totally advise you to start reading her books and you will understand why I love her so much. Come Back To Me I was beyond happy to read a new book from this author because she had become one of my to go author's of all times. Adriana had a ruff couple of years. She opted to focus on school and photography, her passion, as well as helping her grandma. But her sister drown herself in alcohol, guys and drugs and she's having a bad time. Adriana's focus was to help her sister getting better until the day she died.

She had lost everything, her parents, her sister, her husband and now her grandma and she's feeling guilty, lonely and sad. Now she make the decision to move away to a new city and hopefully a new beginning. Blake took the harder decision 4 years ago when he fake his dead to protect the woman he loves.

He needed to get away if he wanted to keep her and the one he loves safe. Now she's back into his life, to the city he moved in and what will he do? Can she forgive and forget? Can he get her back? I was a mess when I finished this book, but a mess in a good way of course.

I knew that this was going to be an intense and overwhelming story but I wasn't prepared for what hit me.

Kathy Said, You're Not Lost to Me by Jackie McCullough

The plot is exquisite, intense and raw and the interaction between the characters is beautiful, crazy sometimes but evolved into a beautiful blanket of love. There were parts of the book that I thought I couldn't handle any more things but I couldn't stop reading. The struggle this two characters endured made me see that in life nothing is granted and when we have the opportunity of a second chance we need to grab it with both hands. Not only we were presented with some snuggles but also we were gifted some pretty hot scenes Oh boy Kathy Coopmans you are amazing.

Your writing had captured me from the beginning and I can't get enough of your books. Thank you for this rollercoaster ride. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Aug 22, KFForever rated it really liked it. The first few chapters of this book are so full of angst that I wondered how the heroine survived the terrible heartache she experienced in her 20s.

This second chance romance is written in dual points of view. We have Adriana who lost her parents when she was in her late teens. Adriana is a survivor although my first im kfforever 3. Adriana is a survivor although my first impression of her was that she was a pushover when it comes to her sister. Theirs is a give and take relationship: Adriana gives and Alexis takes, it has always been that way since they were young kids. That hand will guide you anywhere.

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He is dedicated to his career, ambitious and loyal. Blake is dead and she is left on her own or so she thought. I wish there were more dialogue and banter between the characters instead of inner thoughts, especially on the first half of the book. This story is mired in sadness but I was rooting for Adriana to pull through, give her a boost of happiness and she did in the end. What if this book made me ugly cry? If only it did I would have given this book more stars but I was dry-eyed and snot-free so I gave it 3.

Aug 23, Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog rated it it was amazing. Kathy Coopmans is just She definitely chose the right calling when she started writing. It's not an easy job but she totally kicks ass at it. Come Back To Me was an emotional second chance standalone romance that tugged at my heartstrings and fiddled with my feels. From that gripping prologue, I was sucked into this story and the journey that these two embarked on to get their forever Adriana 5 Stars! Adriana has experienced more pain in her short life than most have.

Regardless of her insecurities and vulnerability, Adriana is a strong woman who loves with everything. She might me broken but her life is about to be shaken up. Get strength and heart will be put to the ultimate test. Can she reveal her secrets? Can she forgive the sins of the past? Blake is a shell of the m be use to be.

Going from having the world at your fingertips to losing it ask tragically was hard But time has moved on and he's ready to claim what was his Two hearts. Two souls. One epic love story. Your heart is going to bleed. It'll be ripped apart and stomped on. The tears will flow and your soul will ache. They will have to fight, reveal truths, and repair what they had. Will she come back to him If you've read this author's work then you know what to expect And honestly, I wouldn't change one single moment.

I highly recommend this book. Feb 17, Brandi rated it it was ok Shelves: canaries-conquer-tbrs-in , multi-pov , , audible , read-for-review , second-chance , logan-mcallister , audiobook-challenge Okay, so I hate doing bad reviews. I try to find the positive in a book because I know bad reviews hurt.

So, let me focus on the positives: -the narrators did a great job. Yeah, I'm out of positives. I wanted to like this, I really did. I just didn't. The characters annoyed me. I got tired of hearing the same thing out of their mouths. Oh, he left me, I can't forgive him. I left her to pr Okay, so I hate doing bad reviews. I left her to protect her, I will get her back. I just want to fuck her. I just want to see her naked. I can't be with him because he lied. My sister is the most important person ever no matter how often she screws me over.

Blah, blah, blah. I cant' do it when the book constantly repeats the same mantras. Yeah, they may have used different wording, but it was a book full of the same things. You may like this story. Don't let my review keep you from reading it. Honestly, maybe it just wasn't my day for romance. I did just come off a fantasy high. Maybe this wasn't the right book to follow up that epic-ness. I will never know. I do know I won't be picking up any more Kathy Coopmans books though. But if this is your jam, if a husband faking his death to protect his wife is what you want to read about, then this book is for you.

If reading about a woman who is devoted to her druggie, lying sister is for you, then this book is one you should read. If coming face to face with your dead husband and then denying you still love him--despite just going on about how much you love him--is your thing, then Come Back to Me is the second chance for you. Sep 19, April Symes rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , alpha-male , alternating-povs-shown , arc-review , angst , almost-tragedy , auto-reads , 2nd-chance-romance , age-difference-older-man-younger-w.

Adriana is drowning- drowning in horrible waves of grief. This is a chance for her to move away from where all her pain was and get a new start. Of all the losses, losing Blake, her husband, cuts the worst, the deepest. Blake Jensen just happens to live in this same town where Adriana moves to…and he is really and truly alive.

Adriana has to face some truths about her sister and her husband before she can truly move on—but will she move on with the husband she thought dead or will she cut all her losses and move on without Blake? This was a moving and emotional love s tory which grabs you from the get go.

This is told in both characters POV and there is some deep and erotic movements, moments that are truly hot and steamy. I loved how each character finally got to connect and the ending was fantastic. My Rating: 4. Aug 23, Lynn Lim rated it it was amazing Shelves: absolute-keeper-shelf , review-authors. Warning, this book needs to come with tissues! My absolute favorite kind of book, especially since it was also a second chance at love romance.


Adriana is losing everyone she loves. But, when she lost her husband Blake, she crumbles. With the help of her grandmother, and her friends Heidi and Daniel, she moves to a new city, and starts her life over. It has been four longs years of agony since she lost Blake, it has finally started to turn around. Then Warning, this book needs to come with tissues! Then the unthinkable happens, she finds out Blake is not dead. Watching Blake and Adriana rebuild the trust and the love, OMG, the tears were flowing so hard at some points, but I could not stop reading.

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This book is Kathy Coopmans at her absolute best. I was gifted with a copy of this fabulously heart wrenching love story for my honest opinion. Well, if you have read this far, you know my opinion. Thank you for reading my review. What are you waiting for, hit that one-click button! Coopmans of another phenomenal book.

That reminds me, I need more tissues…. NA Romance H and h are already married. He is a lawyer or something and fakes his death in car accident to protect the h. Readers also enjoyed. About Kathy Coopmans. Kathy Coopmans. A wife, mother, and book nerd. She loves chatting with her readers and making new book friends. You can visit with her and other book lovers in her reading group.

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You can change the configuration or get more information here. I Accept. Fashion News Celebrity style Royal style Hello! Fashion Monthly. Makeup Skincare Hair. Thank you to the publisher for providing a copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I've wanted to read a book by Kathy Reichs for a long time now.

Although Bones of the Lost is the 16th novel in the Temperance Brennan series, I did not feel that I'd missed out on too much. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, is called in to investigate on the death of a young girl after being hit by a careless driver. Evidence s I've wanted to read a book by Kathy Reichs for a long time now. Evidence suggests that the hit and run may be intentional. The girl has no ID and is quickly written off as just another hooker but there's something about this girl that appeals to Brennan and she's set on getting justice for this young girl.

Along with "Skinny" Slidell, the clues lead to a possible connection to the businessman John-Henry Story or worse, human-trafficking. My initial thoughts are that Kathy Reichs knows how to hook a reader. There isn't a lot of suspense to go on after the prologue but the narration is swift and moves forward quickly. One moment Brennan is explaining why Jane Doe's body should be categorized as murder the next she's boarding a plane to Aghanistan. Aside from it's lack of suspense, I got lost in the world of bones with Brennan for a few hours.

I am aware of my limitations so I appreciate Reichs for dumbing down or speaking in English, some of the medical terminology. Big Thanks! Bones of the Lost is not the first in the series so if its something that doesn't bother you, by all means jump in as I have. I imagine readers of this series have a leg up on the characters and their developments even though Reichs does a good enough job at bringing life and depth to them. The only aspect that was completely lost on me is the weird relationship Temperance has with her ex?

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They are beyond odd to me. Reading up on the series could have possibly brought more depth and understanding but As mentioned earlier, I've been looking forward to reading a Kathy Reichs book for a long time. Fans of this series will love this addition and newbies won't have a reason not to continue following this character. I look forward to seeing what else Reichs has in store for Temperance Brennan. I have enjoyed this series but what is going on with the last few books??? Is the author getting bored with her characters? Or is someone else writing for her???? Bones of the Lost is the 16th book in the Temperance Brennan Series and the one I have liked the least.

I like Temperance but I just could not engage with her ….. Is she a forensic anthropologist or a police detective???? Apart from doing some forensic work on mummified dogs…yes, I kid you not…she spends the entire time solving cases on I have enjoyed this series but what is going on with the last few books???

Apart from doing some forensic work on mummified dogs…yes, I kid you not…she spends the entire time solving cases on her own because the cops are not doing it right…… She becomes involved in a hit and run death of an unidentified teenage girl, travels to Afghanistan to work on skeletons of two locals killed by a US soldier and meets up and goes shopping with her daughter, who has joined as a soldier in said Afghanistan……yes, there are shops in the US base!!!!! And the whole thing with Ryan, her ex Canadian detective???

There is such a lot of technical stuff that after a while…. I just kept skipping pages so I could get to the end of this very boring story. I hope the next book will be better and more like the first ones in the series. Aug 26, Gina Gorny rated it liked it Shelves: crime. First I didn't get the whole Afhganistan episode as soon as the stories connected. Though it seemed a little too constructed. I really like the style of Kathy Reichs. Her books are always suspense and a good read.

That's why I read every single Dr. Brennan story but what bothers me about this series that the plot is always similar constructed. Brennan always finds out the dark spot for example an empty warehouse where other victims or the criminals are hidden. She always First I didn't get the whole Afhganistan episode as soon as the stories connected. She always tries to reach her partner from the police for back up. The partner never answers the phone, she leaves a message where she is about to go. She always forget to take her phone with her which causes her problems in the end. Then the police shows up, saves her, tells her to not do this by herself the next time.

But she always does. A bit more variation of the plots would be nice Kathy Reichs, otherwise as I mentioned a nice read. Nov 04, Barbara rated it did not like it. I loved the early books but this series is really going downhill. The writing is so formulaic that I can predict the one-word cliff hangers at the end of each chapter. I'm sure it's supposed to be punchy, but it's just annoying. Every single call or email can't be heart stopping.

Worse, she's become incredibly rude describing the minor characters. If there's some plot need to say the ICE guy is overweight and there's not then say that. Don't call him a "pink beluga" and make snide comments on h I loved the early books but this series is really going downhill. Don't call him a "pink beluga" and make snide comments on his size at every appearance. And making fun of a store clerk who is trying to help is super classy. And the rude comments certainly don't jibe with her wish for compassion and understanding for victims.

Nov 19, Brooke rated it it was ok Shelves: , mystery. I was going to give this a half-hearted three star rating until I reached the end of the book. Two very separate plot lines converged in an insanely un-foreshadowed and far-too-coincidental way and it pissed me right off. That was simply poor writing. At this point, the author seems to just be phoning it in. Most of the book was Tempe asking herself strings of questions or thinking in endless sentence fragments. Ryan literately randomly shows up on her doorstop and then disappears 15 minutes late I was going to give this a half-hearted three star rating until I reached the end of the book.

Ryan literately randomly shows up on her doorstop and then disappears 15 minutes later. There's so little forensic anthropology that this volume seemed like a straight up detective novel compared to the rest of the series. I think I'm done with this series, after enjoying the last few books less and less. Jun 04, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. The Good: Full on honest emotion. A turning point, perhaps? While this installation of the Temperance Brennan mysteries did little to impress me investigation-wise, the human aspect of the book carried me through and kept me fully invested in Tempe's personal life.

The Bad: This mystery was sort of ridiculous. I'm sorry. I love Kathy Reichs, but the way the story resolved itself was just beyond improbable. The killer was just ludicrous, seeming like a poor attempt to pull all aspects of the story The Good: Full on honest emotion. The killer was just ludicrous, seeming like a poor attempt to pull all aspects of the story together in the end. Everything in this book, from the killer to Tempe going to Katy's site all felt just way too coincidental.

View 2 comments. Jan 31, Kate H rated it really liked it Shelves: goodreads-fiction. I decided to read the Temperance Brennan books after watching the television show Bones. The two are similar but also very different, I enjoy both. Kathy Reichs has a very detailed but still interesting writing style. I do not understand all of the technical jargon but that does not detract from my reading enjoyment.


Tempe and Ryan are great characters and my favorite parts of the books are when they are in a scene together especially if it is out in "the field". Dec 12, Sheila Myers rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller. An enjoyable read in the Temperance Brennan series.

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Kathy Reichs did a masterful job of plotting out what appear to be separate crimes, but end up being all tied together. Jul 20, Angela rated it really liked it. Wow I so love this series because I learn so much. Her trip to Afganastan was a learning experience for me since I am a civilian. Aug 08, Monnie rated it really liked it. This one isn't awful by any means, but IMHO it's not the best in the series featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan.

So why the lack of enthusiasm on my part? To some extent, it's my own interests or lack thereof. For openers, I've simply grown weary of books set in war-torn Afghanistan. Although that location doesn't take up a large number of pages here, I jus This one isn't awful by any means, but IMHO it's not the best in the series featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan.

Although that location doesn't take up a large number of pages here, I just couldn't muster up much excitement even with a fairly interesting premise that puts Tempe in physical danger. Another reason I wasn't thrilled is that author Kathy Reichs turns way too "preachy" on a couple of issues; for a while, I thought she might be channeling Brad Thor. Finally, the plot just didn't quite grab me; it seemed a bit implausible at least in spots.

And just once I'd love to see a heroine actually listen when she's told not to go off the deep end on her own - why do these characters always run toward the darkest alley they can find when they're being chased by an axe-wielding guy instead of making a beeline for bright lights and civilization? The basics go like this: Tempe is disturbed when a young girl is the apparent victim of a hit-and-run on a deserted highway and is determined to find out who she is and what happened.

She's interrupted by being sent to Afghanistan to help determine - by examining the bones - whether a U. Throw in dog bones that may signify trafficking of antiquities, Tempe's missing on-again, off-again boyfriend, an almost ex-husband who's planning to marry a bimbo and Tempe - and readers - almost get lost in the plot mish-mash.

Aug 20, Sharon Redfern rated it it was amazing. Bones of the Lost opens with Tempe Brennan in the middle of rescuing a young girl being brutalized by an unnamed man. The story then switches to Tempe having to examine the remains of presumed to be centuries old dog skeletons from Peru. Before she knows it, Tempe is in the middle of a smuggling ring, a murder and a military court martial in Afghanistan. No matter how the story goes from here to there, eve Bones of the Lost opens with Tempe Brennan in the middle of rescuing a young girl being brutalized by an unnamed man.

No matter how the story goes from here to there, everything is integral to the story. When she is asked to go to Afghanistan to assist in the defense of a Marine accused of murder, she jumps at the chance to see her daughter while there. While this trip seems on the surface to be unconnected to her other issues, it becomes relevant in a way that will leave the reader totally shocked. I am always amazed how Ms. Reichs manages to write her book about a current issue, make it interesting and impart so much information at the same time. In her personal life, Tempe continues to struggle with her feelings towards Ryan and her maybe ex-husband Pete.

Fans of one man over the other may be a little disappointed with this outing because things get a little more complicated between them all. There is enough backstory in the book for new readers not to feel lost but not to the point that older readers will be bored. As usual, at the end of the book, I am ready for the next one and wishing there was less time between books! Aug 24, Albert rated it liked it. Bones of the Lost is the 16th in the series of novels by Kathy Reichs featuring Dr. Temperance Brennan. Known to television audiences as Bones.

The novels are a prime example of how the books are always so much better than their celluloid counterparts. Suddenly I was exhausted. Revolted by what I'd just done. I wondered. In my state, could I make good decisions? Carry through? My phone was back at the house. I wanted to sit, hold my head in my hands, and let the tears flow. Instead I drew a few steadying breaths, rose, and crossed what seemed a thousand miles of darkness.

Climbed the stairs on rubbery legs. A single passage cut right at the top. I followed it to the only closed door. Gun tight in one clammy hand, I reached out and turned the knob with the other. The door swung in. I stared into pure horror The difference between the television version of Bones and the novels is not the forensic science.

Which is far more factual and believable in the books. But the character of Temperance Brennan herself. In the books she is human. Not the robotic, incapable of feeling poorly acted character in the television show. It is as if it was decided that a woman could not be intelligent and capable of human emotion at the same time. Something I am a little surprised more people don't find insulting. Tempe Brennan in the novels is a feeling, strong, emotional and incredibly intelligent woman. And like the best heroes, flawed. She attacks her work with a passion and sense of justice that goes beyond the academics of forensic science.

In this installment a young girl is found dead on the side of the road. No identification on the body and is quickly written off by the police as a hit and run and the girl a teenage prostitute. But Tempe finds more and it leads to murder.

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  • Another good novel by Kathy Reichs. Jul 25, Danie rated it liked it Shelves: myst-thrill. This book was confusing to me. On the one hand it was quite a heart wrenching tale, and yet at the same time the narrative seemed off. In a lot of ways it seemed as even while there were parts that pulled at the heart strings, more of the novel's narrative seemed distant too. As usual the story started off with a body. In this case it was a young woman, a Jane Doe, found on the side of the road with wicked injuries.

    Brennan is in North Carolina for this novel, and is paired with the Detective Sli This book was confusing to me. Brennan is in North Carolina for this novel, and is paired with the Detective Slidell, a character that still grates on me a whole lot. Actually, a lot of the characters in the novel were grating, more than usual for a Reichs' novel. The first part of the book was taken up mostly by the Jane Doe case, but it was the second part that was more interesting to me.

    Brennan went to Afghanistan so that she could help disinter two victims who were killed and figure out how exactly they were killed. Brennan then comes back to the States just as the Jane Doe case heats up and predictably gets stuck deep in it. As I said it was a weird read. Usually when I get into a book really fast, as I did with this one, I blaze through the whole thing.

    But in the case of this one I actually slowed down as I Read it. It got harder and harder to get through. I love the Brennan series overall, so this slightly bumpy entry in it won't stop me from reading the next one, it wasn't that bad, but it definitely wasn't the best in the series either. And despite the problems I had with the book, it did also actually move the Andrew Ryan plot forward which feels like it hasn't happened in a few books I got this advanced galley through Netgalley on behalf of Scribner hoping that I would review it.

    Yeah, duh! Course I would Readers also enjoyed. About Kathy Reichs. Kathy Reichs. She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph. She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials.

    Other books in the series. Temperance Brennan 1 - 10 of 19 books. Books by Kathy Reichs. Trivia About Bones of the Los No trivia or quizzes yet.