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Their lawyers today attempted an appeal with the High Court in London. If the High Court agrees to hear the appeal, they could be granted bail. Judge John Murchie sentenced Mr. Keach to nine months in prison and Miss Steele to three months.

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He said they committed ''a grave offense. Have you ever tried Tinder? I'm not on Tinder. I don't want you to think I'm a prude. If you saw the text messages that come to my phone directly, you'd see I don't need Tinder in my life.

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But I do follow Tinder Nightmares on Instagram. I see things like, 'Hey baby, there's a warrant out for my arrest and I need a place to sleep tonight. Can you help me out? You have this tough New Yorker persona. What makes you really sappy? Root Beer, my dog. There's an embarrassing amount of baby talk happening. It makes me sick. The idea of having children is almost worrisome when I see the way I behave around this dog. It's all so adorable, it's revolting. I don't know if I'm mature enough to become that cute. It was also from an emotional point of view. Primarily for both my brother and myself, dad was concerned about security and happiness.

Finances did have a lot to do with it because there were times during our growing up when dad was out of work, and he was nervous. He was worried about it and having to rely unfortunately on the phone ringing most of the time to get a job.

I encourage young actors to not wait for that phone to ring and get out and get together with friends to work on plays and scenes and keep busy. The readiness is all, as they say. Would you still call yourself an activist today? Stacy Keach : No. I think Judy Collins had a lot to do with that. She was very politically active, and it was very hard not to be a political activist being with her. Heck, it was impossible.

I think many times when actors get involved in situations, they diminish their powers as artists in some ways. In some ways, it enhances them. I think it depends on the individual.

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I really do. It also depends on the issue. I have very mixed feelings about it. How is your health now? I like doing these big Shakespearian roles because it keeps me in shape. You have to be able to move around. Stacy Keach : Shannon is not. My daughter is following the footsteps a little bit.

Melissa Parker Smashing Interviews Magazine : How do you wind down after a long day or week at the theatre? Stacy Keach : I like to play music. I carry my keyboard wherever I go and play music. On my days off, I like to play golf. I never have.

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Even after all these years, something always comes up. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez did an amazing job, but it was a lot of work in the editing room. We shot that entire thing in front of a green screen not having any sense of environment whatsoever because they put it all in later. We did that close to a year and a half ago. I play the headmaster of a school. I did that one with John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Isabelle Fuhrman. We shot that in Atlanta, and they just finished production.

I was able to get out of rehearsals to go down there. The time I was supposed to go was when they had that terrible weather, so we had to delay a week. It all worked out though. I play her grandfather, and I help resuscitate her back to health and happiness and the cello. Stacy Keach : Yeah.