Health and Aging 101: What Makes You Tick

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It can also lead to heart problems, such as an abnormally low heartbeat, inflammation around the heart pericarditis , and other less common conditions, he says. Patients with Lyme usually have no fever or a low-grade fever. If you spike a higher fever following a tick bite, suspect babesiosis or anaplasmosis, which are also accompanied by chills, a headache, and fatigue.

Today more doctors are aware of the condition and more likely to spot it, says Dr.

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But misdiagnosis still occurs, he says. It can be challenging for doctors to diagnose tick-borne diseases, because they often mimic other conditions and the symptoms are nonspecific.

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One clue that you may be experiencing a tick-borne illness is that the symptoms typically aren't accompanied by respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, unlike many viral conditions such as influenza or gastroenteritis. In addition, tick-borne illnesses are most common during the summer, when influenza is less common. Nonviral tick-borne illnesses are typically treated with antibiotics.

But the best strategy is prevention. Ideally, if you are going into an area where you may encounter ticks, you should tuck your pant legs into your socks and your shirt into your pants. Here are some other strategies:.

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Clean up your yard. Practice landscape control by mowing the grass often, and clearing leaves, litter, and overgrown areas to make your outdoor space less hospitable for mice or other animals that can carry ticks, or the ticks themselves. Use bug spray. Although some financial problems are simply caused by poor financial understanding resulting in unwise decisions, research suggests that most financial problems are caused by non-financial, behavior problems such as: Impulse buying Excessive materialism Preoccupation with social image Using money to control others Addictive behavior Scholars have identified several factors that drive financial behavior.


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They continue to grow until they become an adult. At that point, it is the female that blood feeds. Abbott said ticks feed by using specialized legs to quickly climb up a passing mammal.

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Their legs are capable of easily latching onto clothing, skin, fur and hair, making them difficult to knock off. Once they reach the exposed flesh of their desired dining location, they embed their mouthparts — some have backwards-curving spines on their mouths like barbs on a fishhook — into flesh, and females will start the blood-sucking process.

It is during this blood feeding that a tick in its nymph stage or an adult female — the only types that feed on blood — can transmit diseases. Two diseases transmitted by ticks to be concerned about in the South are Lyme disease and the deadly Powassan virus. Lyme disease is caused by bacterium that, once transferred to humans, causes fever, headache, fatigue and a skin rash, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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