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Our goal is to always offer this site for free and gradually improve the value it has to the industry as a tool. Nobody is going to become a millionaire overnight from it but through various potential revenue streams we should be able to continue developing the site and still have enough left to buy dinner.

How do we know how far away the moon is?

We have found there are many who prefer a more tailored approach to sourcing fixers, there is only so much you can learn from a social media profile and many are happy to let us do the background work for them. We have done this recently with great success. Perhaps in the future we could be in a position to consider some form of news acquisition but we will have to see if the interest is there. We also use our network to find access to difficult subject matter: the illegal steroids black market in Russia, immigrants in Calais, the Dubai Police department. We are well placed to research and develop leads to help people get closer to the stories.

This is one of the most fascinating parts of the business for me. I am certain that will manifest itself as a viable commercial venture.

Anxiety & Fear Reactions Can Cause a Pet to Run Away

I will stipulate that the Internet provides us with most of our goods and services as consumers. It just seems that foreign reporting, especially in dangerous places, and finding such help is very different than going on Expedia or Hotels. The Internet is more than one big shop, it is about connection. That might be to facilitate the exchange of goods and services or it might be to locate and get closer to another human being. When you use social media, recruitment sites or dating platforms, you enter that world with a certain degree of guardedness — or you should.

You absolutely have to put some work in yourself, use your intuition and experience, find out what you can, contact us to see what we know about a fixer, look them up. Many experienced journalists will have their closely guarded little black books. But why should a fixer wait for them to turn up once a year before they can get paid?

Work in hostile environments, however, presents a completely different set of parameters. We know that many fixers will not want to be seen working with foreign elements, and journalists absolutely must be able to trust their people. If a request comes in for someone, we do not facilitate a connection until the client has been approved.

We then insist that the client carries out his own due diligence and background checks. We can help with this as much as possible. In many ways this can be safer than just finding someone when you are on the ground; a practice which is disturbingly common and has had tragic results. By and large, most experienced foreign correspondents in these places will have their established connections and those who do not can come to us.

By knowing the actual brightness and comparing it to the apparent brightness seen from Earth that is, by looking at how dim the star has become once its light reaches Earth , they can determine the distance to the star.

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Print "How are astronomers able to measure how far away a star is? The Milky Way Is a Cannibal. How are astronomers able to measure how far away a star is?

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How do astronomers detect that a star has a planet orbiting it? Why does the sky get dark at night?

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