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Brockington provides a good interdisciplinary overview of the broader European artistic context during the period. Brockington, Grace, ed.

Fin de Siècle

Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang, A diverse collection of essays from an international group of scholars that includes considerations of the international reception of Wilde, Sickert, Morris, and others. Most useful taken as a whole, as an overview of European artistic dialogue in the late 19th and early 20th century. Dowling, Linda. A rigorous work from the foremost literary scholar of the decadent movement that places philology and style at the heart of an investigation of British decadence.

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Challenging work, but vital for any serious study of literary style in the period. English Literature in Transition, — This peer-reviewed journal provides an important forum for emerging work on the period.

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Ledger, Sally, and Scott McCracken, eds. DOI: The fourteen essays combine a sense of defining a new field—with now almost canonical acknowledgment of the areas of the New Woman, sexology, socialism, and empire—with a critical and theoretically reflective edge to the volume. Marshall, Gail, ed.

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This collection provides an excellent—and currently the most up-to-date—overview of the period and of scholarship in key areas, with essays by leading academics in the field. Of particular note for its more unusual inclusion in such a collection is the chapter on psychology by Jenny Bourne Taylor, which gives a very good sense of the interplay between scientific thought and literary developments in the period. Pykett, Lyn, ed. London: Longman, A collection of essays some reprinted from elsewhere aimed at undergraduates that provides a good synopsis and introduction to central areas of interest in the scholarly field as it took shape during the s.

The emphasis falls on popular fiction in context on the whole.

Stokes, John, ed. Basingstoke, UK: Macmillan, A foundational collection of essays that marked the emergence of new scholarly interests in the period, with the notable inclusion of essays on Vernon Lee by Ruth Robbins and degeneration by William Greenslade that inaugurated much subsequent work in both areas.

Temple, Ruth Z. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content on this page. Please subscribe or login. Taking advantage of our location, we will also explore how s London — a capital of fashion, empire and commodity culture — became a crucible of European modernity.

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Traced literary motifs and influences through a range of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction and critically analysed these connections.