Erotic Gay Tales 9: A Pool Boy Story

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For men looking for those classic, Adonis types, "Beautiful Boys" is their ticket to fun. Specifications Publisher Cleis Press. Customer Reviews. Write a review. He smiled. In fact, he looked even hotter than usual. Even with the black eye. In the car, I asked Miguel to direct me to a shopping mall, and he said he had already decided on where to go after I gave him the money. While we drove, he asked me some questions about why I was by myself in this large villa in Mexico.

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I explained to him how I got here and what I was doing and he seemed really interested in my job as a writer. I said that my books that had already been released were back at the villa. He asked if he was allowed to read them. Miguel seemed a bit hesitant to just pick anything out, so I took two tanktops and two T-shirts off the rack and encouraged him to try them on. While he closed the curtain I looked for some jeans and shorts and walked back.

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The curtain opened and I saw him in a tight, black V-neck T-shirt. He looked like the leading man in an action movie. He smiled and proudly looked down at himself. His muscled chest, shoulders and arms stood out and looked so defined.

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He disappeared behind the curtain again. I sat on one of the stools nearby as he modeled the jeans and shorts for me. His body looked amazing in all of it. His ass was a sight to behold in jeans that actually fit him. Sometimes he would ask me for a different size or color and I would look for it. The store was pretty much empty. There was one clerk who kept herself busy with folding clothes. She smiled every time she saw me, but left us alone.

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Which was fine by me. Soon enough, Miguel had quite some clothing that I felt would last him the next few days. I handed him some Speedos through the curtain, which he was very excited to see. He modeled a red one for me that really turned me on. I am pretty sure he saw my excitement, because he decided to pick it.

On the way to the cash register he picked out some underwear. It was likely no-one had been this generous with him in his life. For the amount of clothes we bought, it was still not a high price to me. I took Miguel to lunch once we were done shopping. It was a crowded restaurant, but we got ourselves a nice spot by the window. Thank you! I am glad I have some company here.

On the way back to the villa, we needed to go food shopping. Miguel offered to make dinner for me and took his time picking the right vegetables. Once we got back, we put the food in the fridge together like couples do.

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Miguel took the shopping bags with his clothes into his room. The shopping trip had gotten me inspired and I opened the laptop on the patio and started writing. Miguel came out in his red Speedo and went for a swim. I was too caught up in the story to watch him, but I noticed he swam for quite a while. By the time I looked up from the laptop screen, Miguel just walked up the stairs out of the pool. I noticed the Speedo got naturally wedged up into his buttcrack, leaving about a third of his cheeks exposed. He had grabbed one of my books and was reading it, which I thought was sweet.

I tried to focus on my writing again but he was right in my line of vision. His beautiful back and butt distracted me enough to close the laptop. That night Miguel had made a lovely dinner, although we had way too much left over. When it got dark, we watched some TV until Miguel got tired. He hugged me goodnight. Today was magical day. I felt chemistry between us, but neither of us acted on it.

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He went to his room. I decided to walk upstairs. I undressed. I looked in the mirror. Was I behaving like a sugar daddy?

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Was I loving this role too much? I shrugged. I brushed my teeth and went to bed. In the middle of the night I was woken up by a loud sound and a bright light. A thunderstorm raged, rain fell loudly on the roof and balcony and the lightning was bright, making me think we were right in the middle of it.

I sat up in the bed. Lightning struck again and I saw someone in the corner of my eye. Miguel stood by the door of my bedroom. He was completely naked. His uncircumcised penis was a sight to behold, even in a flaccid state. He looked at me in silence. Our shoulders touched. Hesitantly, he grabbed my hand.

I looked at him and non-verbally told him it was going to be fine. For a while, we watched the lightning in the distance. At one point, Miguel put his head on my shoulder, continuing to hold my hand. The next thing I remember is waking up the next morning. Miguel was curled up next to me, sleeping. We were still holding hands and his head was still on my shoulder.

We must have fallen asleep. The sun shone brightly again this morning and with the glass walls we must have been so hot that we kicked off the sheets. Our raging morning erections touched, which was quite the sight. I slowly let go of his hand and got my shoulder out from under his head. I managed to get up without waking him. Like every morning in Tulum, I walked out onto the balcony and looked at the view. But this time I looked back at the bed.