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VII dogma of mercy. Steeple of the Nightmare. Voices Inside The Beast. In Grave Rotting is Slowly.

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Whispers in the Dark. Putrid Mutants. Live In Vinnless. Valley Of The Dolls.

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Dials Fuga. Suggestive of Children. Golden Garden. Lips Of The Wind.

Mirrors Rider. The Tale. The Bones.

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    Live in Vineless. Interminable Dream. Sacral Goner. Sleeple Of The Nightmare.

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    Valley of the Dolls, Pt. Putrid Mutant. Towards Of The Darkness. Live in Vinless. Lips of the Wind. When the Edge Aims At Me. Valley of the Dolls. Sugestive Of Children.

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    This tape was appreciated in Polish underground metal. In the first official record "Anathema" was released by Carnage Rec. At that time it was claimed by many reviewers to be one of the best and the most original death metal productions in Poland. On "Anathema" one could find fresh ideas such as various musical instruments being used.

    At that time the band did a lot of gigs, sharing stage with the biggest bands in Polish metal.


    After the realse of "Valley Of The Dolls" there was a line-up change. Witold Zawadzki left the band and Mateusz Bernardyn took his place.

    Cryptic Tales - VII Dogmata of Mercy (FULL ALBUM)

    In another full length was created and entiteled "The Tales" Croon Rec. After that Maciej Motyka exchanged Dariusz Gibalewicz on the guitar. After the release of The Tales, the band played many gigs mostly in Poland and Germany. At high tide of their career the band unexpectedly stopped their job. Cryptic Tales was one of the most original and acclaimed bands in 90's Polish metal music. It was applauded by metal maniacs, appreciated by record labels and media.

    After seven years of silence the band has begun to rehearse. The new material has been composed and the new style has been created.