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Algerians demand ouster of president. This story has been shared 48, times. This story has been shared 38, times. This story has been shared 17, times. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Killer tiger Tiatiana. The Siberian tiger was likely taunted before it escaped its enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas day , killing one visitor and mauling two others before being shot dead by police.

Gage and inspector Michael Smith investigated the enclosure and zoo premises on Dec. Read Next Algerians demand ouster of president. Share Selection. Now On Now on Page Six. Footage of the cat was broadcast by the BBC on 24 May In July , photographs and video footage of a large black cat were taken by an off-duty Ministry of Defence Police officer. The animal was walking along a railway line in Helensburgh , Argyll.

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Large cats, either black or tan, have been reported in the area before. In late video footage of what is claimed to be a large black cat was recorded in Herefordshire. In video footage of what is claimed to be a large black cat was recorded in Stroud, Gloucestershire. In a family walking in Fochabers Wood, Inverness-shire, photographed a large black cat matching the description of a forest jaguar.

In an year-old boy in Monmouthshire was attacked by what he claims was a large black cat. It left him with five long claw marks across his left cheek.

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The police called in a big cat expert to investigate the incident. In a man who lived in Sydenham Park in south-east London was attacked in his back garden, which backed onto a railway line. He was left with scratches all over his body. Police were called and according to the BBC, one police officer saw a cat the size of a Labrador dog.

There have been conflicting reports of DNA evidence as to the existence of big cats in Britain: In it was announced by the Centre for Fortean Zoology that DNA testing, carried out by Durham University on hairs found in north- Devon , showed that a leopard was living in the area. The research group Big Cats in Britain publishes reported sightings annually by county. The "top ten" counties or regions of Great Britain between April and July were: [34].

Species that have been noted only occasionally include the leopard cat , which is the size of a domestic cat but has leopard-like spots, the clouded leopard , a specialised species from the tropics which was captured after living wild in Kent in , and there are even extraordinary cases of lions being reported in Devon and Somerset. In August , several sightings of a lion were reported near St. Osyth in Essex. Police searched the area using helicopters and infrared cameras, instructing residents to stay in their homes.

Despite speculation that the lion had escaped from Colchester Zoo or a local circus, all such animals were accounted for. The search was called off the next day with no evidence of a lion having been found. There have been reports of a cat known as The Beast of Bevendean for several years across Sussex, including in Brighton and Hove.

Current interest in Big cat reports appear to stem from the late s, with news stories of the Surrey Puma [43] and Fen Tiger. Greater interest in phantom cats grew from headline stories of the Beast of Bodmin from , [50] and Dumfries and Galloway the Galloway Puma. In the historic Buchan area of Aberdeenshire the creature is daubed the Beast of Buchan and sightings are regularly documented.

Warburton, in the summer of in the Haldon Forest. In the early months of , a great number of sightings of a 'panther' in Shotts, North Lanarkshire, stirred locals and began to be reported in the local press, after a couple of months, these reports ceased with the assumption that the 'panther' had moved onto pastures new. One of the most recent reports was of that of a lion roaming around Essex during the summer of Initially sighted from a caravan park, there were also reports of lion roaring heard in the local area. A photograph was taken by one witness. Police advised local residents to stay indoors and a search was made of the local area, but nothing was found.

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Local zoos and visiting circuses were contacted, but none reported an escaped lion. Murphy later claimed the photograph was that of her pet Maine Coon cat, Teddy.

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In , in a small village on the Shropshire-Wrexham border, two sisters reported seeing a large, black, cat-like creature with a three-foot stride jumping a fence and disappearing into a neighbouring field. On returning in the day, they discovered a large lair and paw prints too big to belong to a domesticated cat.

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A one time zoo-keeper at Chester zoo and Dudley zoo, Mr Larkham, agrees the paw prints do not belong to a domesticated cat but are too small to be those of a panther. He believes it could be the descendant of the Shropshire jungle cat from the s, or a gigantic domesticated cat. Cotswolds big cat is a purported " big cat " or number of big cats at large in the Cotswolds region of England , UK.

A walker in Woodchester Park found the carcass of a roe deer on 12 January , with injuries suggesting the animal may have been mauled by a large felid. An analysis by University of Warwick scientists of the carcases of deer purported to be killed and partially eaten by the "Cotswolds big cat" indicated DNA evidence of only foxes and other deer. In , the Ministry of Agriculture took the unusual step of sending in Royal Marines to carry out a massive search for the rumoured Beast of Exmoor after an increase in the number of mysteriously killed livestock, and farmer complaints over subsequent loss of money.

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Several Marines claimed to have seen the cat fleetingly, but nothing other than a fox was ever found. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has published a list of predatory cats that they know to have escaped in the United Kingdom, although most of these have been recaptured. It has been suggested that the stories of "Black Cats" are merely a modern continuation of such myths and stories, sharing the same elements but with the idea of a supernatural cause having fallen out of credibility and the modern, more plausible, idea of an escaped or released wildcat supplanting it.

British big cats A sign requesting information on big cats in West Sussex. This puma was captured in the wild, in Inverness-shire, Scotland in It is believed to have been an abandoned pet. It lived the rest of its life in a zoo. After it died it was stuffed and placed in Inverness Museum. A European wildcat , the Scottish population of which is the only wild cat species known to live in Britain. A Maine Coon , the largest breed of domestic cat. At a recorded maximum length of cm including tail, Maine Coons can reach the length of Eurasian lynxes, although with a much lighter build and lower height.

A fully grown Maine Coon.

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