A Princesss Dream Knitting Pattern for 18 inch dolls

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For example, if you have nice foot pattern you worked on earlier, but worked from bottom up, you can simply use that same pattern to make your foot, but this time using the pattern backwards. R1: 6 Sc in magic ring 6. R2: 2 sc in each st around R4: 18 sc. R5: dec6, sc6 R6: dec3, sc6 9. In this case your backwards work would look like this:. R1 inc3, sc6 R2 inc6, sc6 R3-R4 sc R5 dec, sc x6 R6 dec x6 6. Hope it makes sense.


When working backwards, for increase work decreasing stitch and vice versa. Will explain it little bit more further below. And again some flattening the pieces. Prepare your leg for foot making. This front edge you see on above photo is crucial. This is where increases need to be centered in order to face foot right direction. For your first trial, simply flatten the bottom of leg piece like shown on photo above and for each of the next 3 rounds, increase top two to three stitches. Once increasing rounds are done, repeat round or two to shape the bottom of your leg before starting to decrease.

I like to make my first decreasing round in the back loops only. This way bottom of the foot folds nicely and stays flat. Before working last decreasing round, stuff leg nicely. Finish last round, tie off and sew last round closed. Hide yarn inside the leg. One leg down. One more to do! Working on remaining stitches on the body, work them all in round the same way done for first leg.

And doll in one piece is finished. I know this was very, very long post…. Also hope I have covered everything so you can start making your doll in one piece right away. I will try to make next tutorial on how to make one piece doll from toes to head soon. Like said many times during this post, think in advance. I hope all the photos I made will help you enough to overcome all doubts when making your first one piece doll. Looking forward to see your one piece dolls soon. Many of them!

Dream Toys: A Collection of Knit and Crochet Fantastical Toys

Thank you all for you time with me today. Wishing you all lots of fun creating short and long version hairs for your dolls! This week managed to finish Liz the Goth Doll. She comes with changeable clothes and on top of these fabulous features, most of our little ones like playing with, Liz comes with her own little doll.

Little voodoo doll. I tried to write this pattern with as many details as I could remember, that I found very important for all of you to make exactly the same doll as you can see on above photo. You can make one Liz with different colors, changeable clothes or make many different Liz dolls, each in her own favorite color s. After this pattern was finished I worked on little key chain Liz for my nieces school backpack.

This little one, worked in thread and with 1,5 mm hook ended up half original doll size. Pattern for Liz the Goth Doll is available in my Etsy shop and you can find the link right here. For that reason I would like to ask everyone who will purchase the pattern, to leave me message with e-mail address where wishes to receive this long hair pattern.

The pattern will be finished by Monday, when I will start sending it. Hope you like this little one! Next week starting with one piece doll explained in details and working on new free pattern to share with you soon. Las week I had friend over for a visit, who came with her 6 year old daughter Ella. So I offered her a deal. I told her I would make her the most special off all dolls, doll she dreams of. In order to make her wish come true, I asked I gave her colored pencils and markers and asked her to draw such doll.

Told her to take her time, to take some time thinking and when completely sure to draw her dream doll. Now I had the drawing and next day had to start making this lovely doll we named Rainbow Princess. I finished this lovely princess in one day. It was wonderful experience and so much fun to return to childhood and create something so simple and something so extraordinary and beautiful as Rainbow Princess Ella had drawn.

Colors she has chosen, the way she put them together.

Dan-El Designs Vera Doll Clothes Knitting Pattern 18 inch American Girl Dolls | Pixie Faire

I was so worried and thought of ways making such mouth without many complications while crocheting. At the end decided to simply draw the mouth using textile paints and apply them as more as drawing than to fill each stitch with color trying to make them as perfect as possible. At the end it worked nice so I think.

Same as your child has drawn in simple way, you crochet that simple. Keep an eye on details and colors. Those are important. Happiness when they see their dream doll come to life, is priceless. Really hope you like little Ella The Rainbow Doll. I was not near PC and internet each day, but whenever I had little bit of time and when it was not hell hot , I did work a little.

Free Doll Clothes Patterns: 18 inch Dolls' Bikini Bottoms or Underpants Pattern and Tutorial Video

Will be exciting with lots of news coming up. Time flies when we work or play… or simply enjoy the life! For the past moth I have been working and playing with my work a lot! Finishing the pattern was disturbed and prolongated by various toys I had to make to order, and here are some of them you can see. Children who received them were over excited and really enjoying their time with new friends. He ended up as one remarkable toy. I am more than pleased with the outcome. There is slight difference and variation of colors used in each of Flips made, but this will just give you the idea on what to expect if decided to start working on one of your own.

Pattern is edited and prepared for you to download and use. The link you can find here. To make violin sides strong, you can add some cardboard inside. Cut out the shape that fits your violin and place it inside the top and bottom part of your violin. Thread the needle with tail yarn of the base violin part and sew around both part.

Before closing add some stuffing. Do not overstuff! You need to keep the violin shape!

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Roll the top flattened part worked in rows and sew it just a little so it keeps this rolled shape. Use your imagination to add details.

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Chin holder and pieces you see black are crocheted. Hope you have enjoyed your time with all these news and most of all you will enjoy your time making Flip! Hugs to all. The second pattern will show and share with you soon, and both will be available only through the shop. So far you can find it in my Etsy shop. If you liked BB dolls, than you will looove these little ones. Easy to make, and long lasting! I have tried to come up with. So far, both of my nieces, 4 and 7 years of age love it.

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Hope your little ones will feel the same! Before I finish for today, wanted to mention that Flip from Maya the Bee movie is progressing pretty nice. So far missing only the hat to finish the pattern. If times allows me, he might be finished and pattern shared next week. Fingers crossed! She was my favorite cartoon! I created crochet Maya for my nieces fourth birthday. Took both in her arms and since then they became unseparated. They play together, go to kinder garden together, eat together and sleep together. More for me to investigate and work on, but the trouble is worth it! Since I had the pattern done, I feel happy to share it with all of you who wish to make Maya and Willy for your little ones.

Please remember that both characters are registered and protected by the law and by any means do not make them for sale. New Maya has special kind of hair, and that hair is what makes her character so unique. I tried to take as many photos as possible through all the process of hair making so you can make exactly the same one like I did.

Knit Picks: 82 Free Patterns

Second of some specialties in this pattern are painted eyes. My dolls have their eyes painted. Knowing that even mentioning painting on crocheted dolls for many of you will cause fear I decided to draw stencils, and lead you through step by step; from preparing your materials, coping to painting. If you have possibility to buy any kind of textile paints in white, green and black and have some fine brushes or can buy some ….

You can make it! Children will love this! At the end what is left are the mouth. For me it always works great! Mouth stay permanently on and are very, very easy to apply and above all always look great. As you can see I have really tried to make it possible for all of you to make exactly the same dolls! So far the pattern is on test by several ladies, and so far the only problem they encountered is the way foot are made.

I did made few photos and tried to explain it in the pattern, but still waiting for all testers to be done and give me feedback and their suggestions on how to make this foot explanation more simple for everyone. The foot I might to come up with in few days with new post. For now I will share photos and pattern I have made so far. Foot starts from chain and is done in closed rounds. Enjoy the pattern and feel free to write and ask for help if needed. This beautiful, beautiful doll arrived today!

Clean and firm work from head to toe! I am amazed how wonderfully doll is crafted. Arlette sewed her adorable little dress as well. This dress my little Eglantine can wear when showing off to my friends and family. For a long time I wished having real Waldorf doll. Jenny rated it really liked it Mar 11, Chrissy Palko rated it really liked it Jul 22, Ivy Trujillo rated it liked it Dec 22, Bronwyn rated it liked it Jun 19, Jen rated it really liked it Feb 12, Nicole Cerklewich rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Christine rated it liked it Mar 17, Barb Kang rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Dawn Hartshorn rated it really liked it May 18, Jasmin Haynes rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Beth rated it it was ok Dec 21, Maria Marino rated it liked it Jun 03, Sally Messerlian rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Silke rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Laurie rated it really liked it Aug 22, Lynn Demsky rated it really liked it Oct 03, Erika M Oviedo rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Wallis rated it really liked it Jan 27, Katie rated it it was ok Feb 03, Noni rated it it was ok Aug 04, Amy rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Julie rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Melrose rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Aliasknitter rated it it was ok May 03, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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